For his return to school, Mélenchon bangs against abstention in order to give himself a chance

“The forecasts do not matter if the people get involved!”: Jean-Luc Mélenchon launched his presidential year by calling the popular classes to the polls against the abstention which could harm him, Sunday at the Amphis de La France insoumise in the Drôme .

On the stage installed in front of the lake of Châteauneuf-sur-Isère, the rebellious chef has returned to the exercise of the meeting that he likes and knows more rare in times of covid.

In front of several thousand militants, he identified with offensive accents what he considers to be their enemy number 1: “Abstention, definitely, is a stupid trap!”.

Certainly, it is “a form of action and not an indifference”. “But when it comes to deciding, everything goes through political power, even more in the Fifth Republic”, professed the boss of LFI deputies.

He knows that he will have to fight against the tide against a phenomenon which climbed in the last two interim elections, threatens the presidential election and affects more the popular classes to which it is addressed.

“Abstention is the worst that can happen to us. The polls say that the more it votes, the stronger we are; the less it votes, the stronger Le Pen and Macron are,” argued Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“So what, is it too much effort to move? The slaves were moving” to get abolition, he thundered.

On the insecurity which worries the popular classes, Mr. Mélenchon affirmed that it mainly concerns “drug trafficking, human beings” and relations with the police: “We want a republican police respectful of justice, of the rights of citizens, who see and do not familiar with anyone “.

Aware of his divisive personality, conducive to media controversy, the member for Bouches-du-Rhône simulated the criticisms that could be made him: “Mélenchon does not suit me, he speaks too loudly, we said he was this, or I no longer know what I was told but that poses a problem for me because I am a petty bourgeois “.

He explained his strategy of “popular union”, label which replaced on the campaign posters that of LFI, now considered too little unifying: “The union at the base in all directions – not against, out of detestation, but for change life, clearly saying how, why, with whom “.

– Corridor –

Before him on the stage, Huguette Bello, the president of the region of Reunion, elected thanks to the support of the rebels and who came to return the favor, praised “the true left, the one who has never abandoned the popular classes” .

Campaign manager Manuel Bompard conceded to the press that turning the membership capital on the program, documented by a recent poll, into ringing and stumbling voices would be difficult. “It’s politics, people can agree with your proposals, but wonder if we can really implement them, if we are going to win, if we are not going to betray them …”, a he noted.

The rebels assume to alienate part of the electorate, explained the MEP: “That Mélenchon is divisive, in our vocabulary, it is positive. For the urbanized middle classes it can certainly be scary … (..) .) But part of the middle class has become radicalized “, like the” yellow vests “.

By focusing on abstention, the rebels take their lane while pretending to ignore the rest of the left, while environmentalists are busy with their primary until September and at PS Anne Hidalgo maintains the suspense on her application date.

“We are going to move forward, while the others are debating among themselves and have not left the rut”, savors Eric Coquerel, another close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The deputy Alexis Corbière relies on the experience of the two previous campaigns of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “I do not believe in this story of novelty. We will never do more in terms of image than Macron, and we see what it has given. On the other hand, people want change” on the merits, has t -He underlines.

Philosopher, he resolves to a hard campaign: “It is not won … but it is not lost either”.

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