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For Honor: Finale Season in Year 5 starts next week

The action game For Honor has become so established for Ubisoft that it is now in its fifth year of content. This is now going into its fourth and final season next week.

“Frozen Shores” marks the closing season in Year 5 of For Honor. Ubisoft has now promised this season for the coming week; it will start on December 9th. In the new year, another update will appear on January 27th: the so-called title update 2. The latter will add a new hero, more experiences and new rewards to the game.

From December 9th to 30th there will be the temporary event “Frostwind Celebrations” as part of the new season. During this period you can play through a free event pass, which will bring you numerous rewards, including a new common gesture, a new battle outfit, an effect or an ornament. You can also loot new weapons.

For just under 10 euros there is also a Battle Pass that unlocks additional premium rewards. This includes an additional battle outfit, ornaments, executions, podium and effects.

At the start of the season, improvements to the shinobi that were previously tried out on the test site will also be included in the live game. Another phase of the test site is planned for the period from December 30th to January 6th, with the focus here on the rule and conquest mode. Dominion changes include Conquest Speed, Fame, Hard Points, and other UI improvements.

For Honor – Year 5 Season 4 Frozen Shores Reveal Trailer

Ubisoft heralds the fourth and final season in Year 5 of For Honor.

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