For its 125 years, the Belgian Union is looking for the best team of all time: it’s up to you to vote for your best Red Devils!

Supporters can vote on the Belgian Union website and have the choice among 127 Red Devils and 11 breeders. Fans will also have a chance to win a jersey signed by a Dia legend.

“Since 1895, through the generations, we have seen incredible talents pass, which will not make it easier to choose supporters,” explained Stefan Van Loock, spokesperson for URBSFA.

“Based on different parameters, we have selected 127 players and 11 Federal Coaches who, during their careers, have contributed enormously to the national team. It is now up to the supporters to determine the final team, which will consist of eleven players in 4-3-3 and a coach. “

“This will be an opportunity for many to learn more about a part of the forgotten history of Belgian football and to revive, in many families, the debate on the best goalkeeper or the best forward striker” , added Stefan Van Loock, who will review, line by line, the potential candidates, with former internationals and connoisseurs on the URBSFA website.

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