For Medef, you have to “live with the virus” by relying on technology

For Medef, you have to “live with the virus” by relying on technology

Tunnels or decontamination airlocks, ultra-violet lamps and air purifiers should make it possible to reopen places welcoming the public even if the virus is still circulating, argued Tuesday the president of Medef during a visit to a manufacturer near Paris.

“You have to be prepared to live with this virus for a while. We have to reopen in a certain way whatever the cost because activity is always better than non-activity ”, declared Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux in front of an ionization disinfection airlock of the Belifeline brand, specializing in disinfection solutions.

For the president of Medef, “we cannot continue to have + stop and go + and confinements forever, otherwise we will not recover, first in terms of the mental health and morale of our fellow citizens, and economically ”.

This is why “we are preparing for the date of May 15 and this is why we wanted to educate our members and companies in France on the various facilities that exist”, explained the leader of the employers’ organization. in front of journalists.

The technical solutions offered are numerous and complement the barrier gestures, the wearing of the mask and the gel.

At the entrance to a business or a hotel, the ionization disinfection airlock, costing between 8,000 and 30,000 euros depending on the model, allows you to take the temperature, possibly to identify people by a system. badge and especially to eliminate after ten seconds the viruses that they carry on themselves or their belongings.

For 2,500 euros, an inflatable plastic tunnel disinfects just as well. Less elegant, it is intended for trade shows, theaters or sports halls and allows one person to pass every two seconds.

“This tunnel device is very good, but it should perhaps be adapted, to have a greater capacity at the level of the flow”, reacted after having discovered Olivier Darbois, president of the National Union of the musical spectacle and the variety (Prodiss).

For corporate meeting rooms, LED panels at 500 euros each can also purify up to 45 cubic meters of air per hour.

– “Less than 80%, we break” –

All these technological solutions are important in order “to be able to reassure the public and the various stakeholders”, according to Christophe Piette, representative of the Union des Métiers de l’Eventiel, because this “will allow us to ensure a clean-up of our events ”.

“The range of solutions is very interesting, because there is an adaptation to different volumes and different number of people”, also considers Jérôme Valentin, president of the Union sport et cycle (USC), focused on the conditions for reopening the rooms. ports.

“A sports hall which has relatively few means, which has stopped (working) for ten months, will it have the financial capacity to equip itself?” It’s a big question, ”he wonders.

Mr. Roux de Bézieux judges for his part that “we have been largely compensated for the sanitary restrictions, there are solutions (…) with prices which are probably acceptable for companies”.

Regarding aid such as the solidarity fund or partial unemployment, “the speed of reduction must be proportional to the lifting of health restrictions”, according to the president of Medef, who will have a meeting on Thursday on the conditions for exiting the crisis with the Ministers of Economy Bruno Le Maire and of Labor Elisabeth Borne.

According to Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, decisions on the gauges and the reopening schedule must be taken “sector by sector and sector by sector”.

“It’s not the same in a restaurant where it takes one to two weeks to restock and hire people as organizing a trade show or resuming a championship, where there are several months of preparation.”

Mr. Darbois underlines him that with a gauge “at 50%, we restart” in the world of the spectacle, “but economically we produce again the breakage”. “Our economic models make that (with a gauge) at less than 80%, we break.”

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