“For now, we are doing better than previous predictions, that’s a good thing”

Fears of a fourth wave for the start of fall existed. Experts had also sounded the alarm on several occasions, urging citizens not to relax too quickly, to continue efforts in the fight against the coronavirus. In mid-October, it is clear that the message has been heard and that Belgians continue to pay attention.

Indeed, new Covid-19 infections have increased by “only” 10% in one week. An increase below the forecasts of experts, who also feared a high number of patients in intensive care. If the figures are therefore “positive” compared to fears, we should not claim victory too quickly.

Because, for Steven Van Gucht, the fear was to see “more than half of the 1,000 intensive care beds occupied by Covid patients”. “If it really gets worse, I don’t think we’re going to hit those areas. Of course, this could be loaded in the coming weeks. But let’s hope not, that all will be well. So far we are doing better than previous predictions so that’s a good thing, ”he told VTM Nieuws.


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