for one in two French people, the government does not “take enough precautions”

Almost one in two French people (47%) think that the government is not taking “enough precautions” to limit the spread of the coronavirus in view of the measures taken, indicates an Elabe poll for BFMTV published on Wednesday.

Conversely, 20% consider the government to be taking “too many precautions”, and 33% consider it to be doing “just the right thing”.

In addition, 62% do “not trust” the executive to fight against the coronavirus epidemic (+6 points compared to the previous poll carried out on August 25 and 26), while 38% “trust” it ( -5 points).

Among the concessions that the French are ready to make to curb the spread of the virus, the obligation to telework comes out on top with 84% of people “in favor” of this measure.

On the other hand, a national reconfinement is rejected by 76% of those polled, but 68% are in favor of measures of “local containment in the agglomerations most affected by the virus”.

In addition, 68% of those questioned say they are “worried” about the spread of the virus, against 74% in the previous survey carried out, a drop of 6 points, and 31% “not worried” (+5 points).

Poll conducted online on September 15 with a sample of 1,000 people representative of the population aged at least 18 years, according to the quota method.

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