For “satisfying the customer” Soriana’s employee is deducted 300 pesos

  • The employee of the brand narrates how the store deducted two days from her salary for believing the version of a client.

  • He explains in his tweet that he never thought of working at a horrible company like that.

  • To date, the brand has not responded to the social media post.

Social networks have become the best reporting tools for many people, thanks to the great reach that these platforms have around the world. As an example, that of a Soriana employee who narrated his bad experience with the brand after it charged him 300 pesos of his salary for no reason, after a lady took free money by decision of the store manager.

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Soriana’s employee exhibits the brand for discounting 300 pesos for no reason

Through her account on the social network Twitter, a woman who identifies herself as an employee of Soriana narrated her bad experience after the brand will deduct 300 pesos from your salary after a client gets free money by decision of the manager.

The Internet user who identifies herself as @FerGlz3215 shared that on a work day an elderly lady came to her box, who when charging her and when paying, gives her 2,700 Mexican pesos, and she alleges that she gave 3,000 Mexican pesos.

“The lady, still annoyed, asks to be given 300 that DOES NOT EXIST, you call the manager to tell the person things, that there is no leftover of yours and you should not give more, but everything turns out much, much worse, the manager arrives and The lady becomes more upset… that she had to go and she was already urgent, the manager checks that everything is fine and it is, but on his orders and to “Satisfy the customer”, he orders that you give him those 300 by force″ says one of his tweets.

She also adds that later those 300 pesos were deducted from her salary only because the manager of the branch that she does not mention in her history, wanted to “To satisfy the client”.

The complaint from Soriana’s employee dates from this Tuesday, May 31, but has only been answered by the brand’s customer service account, in a generic message that asks her to narrate her bad experience with the brand.

This only reflects the opinion of the consumer and the conversation that it generates in the digital pulse, for which Merca 2.0 requested the position of the brand in order to tell both sides of the story; however, so far it has not been received. The note will be updated in case of a response.

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