for solo shopping in shops, security guards are on their guard …

In IKEA in Hognoul for example, two friends who came in the same car were asked to leave by the security guard at the entrance on Wednesday. They were discussing in the queue and the latter, having noticed their proximity, preferred to invite them to return each, alone, later.

At the Ghent store, a customer and his wife were refused access to the store because they did not respect the rule of solo shopping. “The appreciation is left to each store”, we explain at IKEA Belgium.

“The rule is to come alone. If the security guard finds himself in front of a couple, for example, he can point out to them, explain to them that it is better if one of the two stays in the car while the other enters, etc. We focus on communication. Sometimes, we haven’t seen anything before, they entered together with two caddies, and everything is going well, people respect the safety distances. But it also happens that our employees have to play police on the shelves in front of people who have actually come in groups, who gather in a department. And there, it does not go so we can ask them to leave the store ”.

► Faced with the coronavirus epidemic which plays an overtime, supermarkets are also getting organized.

► Aldi and Delhaize are thus in the process ofequip their supermarkets screens


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