For taking a selfie, a young man lost his life in Medellín

In the city of Medellín, there was a tragic and unfortunate accident that left a girl under 15 years old dead. The teenager, who was trying to take a picture on top of a retaining wall, slipped and was run over by a bus that was passing through that place in the northeast of the Antioquia capital. The events occurred on Carrera 32 with Calle 102a, in the Santo Domingo Savio neighborhood, according to the authorities, between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Some witnesses reported that the teenager, after climbing the wall to get a better image of the city, she lost control in seconds and fell to the pavement without anyone being able to help or care for her. But the situation did not stop there, because at that very moment it was hit by a vehicle.

“That girl was riding on a wall taking a picture with a friend. When she drew back a little bit, she kind of lost her balance and a bus hit her “a witness related to the accident to the Q’hubo newspaper.

According to the authorities’ report, The young woman, identified as Ana María Aguirre Chavarría, was transferred to the San Vicente Fundación Hospital (Polyclinic), where she died due to the seriousness of the injuries left by the double accident.

It should be mentioned that the recent death of the minor joins two other deaths from traffic accidents registered in Medellín and Bello. The Secretary of Mobility of Medellín, assured that, so far this year, 156 people have died in the Antioquia capital in road accidents.

These types of accidents are increasingly common, even a month ago, the accident of a woman who fell from a second floor in Barranquilla, while dancing, was reported. The fact was recorded in a video.

The moments before and after the accident were saved, as the urban music artist, who made a private presentation, recorded a ‘selfie’ in which the participants of the celebration were observed.

Among them was the woman with the white hat, very excited, who was moving very close to an open window. Suddenly, and because she was very entertained in the recording, her body overcame the barrier and fell on her back. After the fall, screams were heard from the attendees. Fortunately, the woman, who received a severe blow, had a few minor fractures and survived the incident.

Another case, known internationally, was that of Sofia Cheung, an influencer originally from Hong Kong, who last month, while trying to take a ‘selfie’, fell on the edge of a waterfall.

Cheung and three friends were on a trip to Ha Pak Lai Park, when they saw the Tsing Dai stream in Tuen Mun. The young men decided to take some photos, so they chose a spot at the edge of a waterfall on the park’s Pineapple Mountain site, however, apparently, the woman he lost his balance and fell from a distance of about four meters.

It was around five in the afternoon when the accident occurred, and it was at that time that his friends immediately called the emergency services, who quickly reached the place and They took her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.


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