For the first time, the “9-year-old childhood shadow” is revealed! Zhang Aijia’s son professes: the growth process is not normal | Entertainment | CTWANT

Wang Lingchen confessed that he was kidnapped when he was a child, which cast a great shadow on him. (Picture / Recap from Wang Lingchen IG)

Actress Zhang Sylvia’s 32-year-old only son, well-known designer Wang Lingchen (Oscar) recently participated in an exhibition in Hong Kong. For the first time, he talked about the childhood shadow of being kidnapped at the age of 9, and professed that the growth process was “abnormal”.

According to the Hong Kong media “Ming Zhou Entertainment”, Wang Lingchen, who recently brought his design works to Hong Kong for exhibition, in an interview with Hong Kong media, in addition to talking about his creative ideas, he also exposed for the first time the childhood kidnapping case that shocked Hong Kong.

Wang Lingchen revealed that when he was only 9 years old at the time, he met a kidnapper on his way to school and was taken to an unfamiliar place. This incident also cast a shadow of victimization in his heart. You have to face it.” He also believes that as long as he keeps moving forward, those painful memories will eventually become a thing of the past.

In fact, the kidnapping case took place in 2000. The kidnappers extorted HK$15 million (approximately NT$58.4 million) from Zhang Aijia and his wife, and even threatened to tear up their only son, who was only 9 years old, if he did not comply. Calmly dealt with the gangsters for time, which allowed the police to successfully find the stronghold of the three kidnappers 7 days later and successfully rescued the son.

Afterwards, the couple sent their son to study in the UK, and Zhang Aijia also stopped work for 3 years to concentrate on accompanying the child. Now Wang Lingchen, who loves design and art, has also stepped into the art stage, and hopes that he can let the world see more Chinese creations.

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