For the first time, Yalitza Aparicio clarifies RUMORS about her life; this said

Yalitza Aparicio has cleared up for the first time many of the rumors that exist about her on social networks and various media, as much has been speculated about her fortune, her love life and her profession after her participation in the film “Roma” from Alfonso Cuaron.

Rumors about Yalitza

Through a video that he uploaded on his official account of Youtube, the Mexican actress took the opportunity to clarify many doubts at the request of her followers and also talked a little about other topics.

Do you have doubles?

In the video of approximately 7 minutes, Yalitza clarified a rumor that exists about her and the press, because in social networks it has been speculated that she hires “doubles” to escape the cameras.

However, she mentioned that this was totally false and said that she always attends to the media. In addition, he added that something that has happened is that they have confused her with other people, who he pointed out have had a very bad time because of this.

Can you swim?

On the other hand, the 27-year-old actress spoke about her swimming skills and commented that she does not know how to swim, but confessed that she “no longer drowns”, at least not as fast as before.

He also confessed that he would like to learn to do it very soon, so he does not lose hope.

Do you work as a teacher?

Although it has been mentioned that Yali works as a teacher, the actress denied it and mentioned that she ended her career as a “Bachelor of Preschool Education”, but immediately began her acting career.

In turn, she said that she did participate as a teacher in a private preschool, although she was only a substitute teacher and it lasted a very short time.

Do you have a husband, boyfriend or children?

Regarding her love life, the nominee for best actress at the Oscars clarified that she currently has no partner and said that it is a lie that she has a husband, boyfriend or children.

“I really don’t know where, I need to find them …” said the 27-year-old famous with a laugh.

Finally, she revealed that she likes to read all the rumors that exist about her on the internet, as she added that many even make her “laugh.”



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