For the regional ones, the National Gathering hopes to provoke the “surprise”

Marine Le Pen, during her visit to the monument to the fallen of the Great War, in Lisbon, on January 8.

The National Rally (RN) resumes hope: after the disappointing municipal elections – easy re-election, in the first round, in the only handful of small towns held by the party and, of course, a victory in Perpignan, a city of 100,000 inhabitants -, the RN still suffers from a location problem and dreams of taking a region for the first time. It is far from certain, even if the far-right formation undoubtedly consolidates its positions and can hope to score well, especially in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Occitanie, Burgundy or in the Hauts- of France. “We are heading towards triangulars in several regions, says Jordan Bardella, vice president of RN. And there can happen a number of surprises. “

The RN will not make its heads of the list public before the beginning of February, if the health situation allows it, and plans to organize a large digital presentation meeting, concluded with a speech by Marine Le Pen. The executive office still has to make several delicate arbitrations on the top of the regional lists – the latter claims to have invested a quarter of the candidates for the departmental ones. “We are the party which has undoubtedly already invested the most candidates, assure Jordan Bardella. Even if we pay like everyone else for the health context that prohibits towing, meetings, meetings with activists. “

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The number two of the RN should lead the list in Ile-de-France, for lack of a serious candidate – Wallerand de Saint Just had obtained in the first round, in 2015, only 18.41% of the votes, and the Paris region remains a mission land for the RN. Polls credit him for the moment with 14% of the vote. The deputy Sébastien Chenu, in Hauts-de-France, one of the strongholds of the party, was in November a few points from Xavier Bertrand (29% against 33%) but Marine Le Pen, who is not candidate and reserves for the presidential election, had obtained in 2015 in the first round 40.64% of the votes. The RN should take for the departmental some defectors from Debout France, especially in the Aisne and the Somme.

“We have no alliances to make”

Thierry Mariani, from the Republicans (LR) and who is not a member of the RN, should lead the party list in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, “A region where anything is possible”, he comments. “The left is doomed to come to an agreement, and it promises to be difficult, assures the MEP. Same thing on the right, Renaud Muselier [actuel président LR de la région] will have to come to an agreement with La République en Marche, but without showing it too much, pushed by [le maire de Nice] Christian Estrosi who wants to become minister. We don’t have to make alliances… ” His list would come first (30%) ahead of LR’s (26%), according to an IFOP poll for The gallery and Europe 1, published on January 11, but would be defeated in the second round, by 37% against 40% for the outgoing president.

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