For the sake of the child, Rachel Vennya’s ex-husband will get married 10 years after divorce

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Niko Al Hakim was finally outspoken about his breakup with Rachel Vennya. This was revealed by the man who is familiarly called Okin, on Onadio Leonardo or Onad’s YouTube.

Many things are asked of Okin, one of which is whether the 26-year-old man has started to open his heart to other people.

“Have you opened your heart to other women?” Asked Onad.

Okin immediately answered firmly that he could not open his heart to other women.

“Not yet, recently divorced. No, it must be really long,” said Okin.

Furthermore, musicians who are also food entrepreneurs it stated that it would take her a very long time to remarry.

If predicted, Niko will need time of 10 years to have a partner again.

“In my brain, in the end I will open up really long Nad. I will know that person at least 2 years. After two years, that person will know my child first, I don’t want to play with my child,” he said.

“So it’s like a really long journey and I’m not going to get married for more than 10 years. If I watch this vlog, I’ll actually get married for another 10 years. I’m serious. I don’t want to,” continued Niko.

But Niko denied this it happened because he was traumatized. Rachel Vennya’s ex-husband, is afraid to confuse his children because his father is no longer having an affair with their mother.

“I’m not traumatized, it’s just that I don’t want to confuse my children. Anyway, at least the two children already understand what their situation is like, I just got married again,” he said.

“When it comes to children, don’t play games. The cave is devoted to the cave for the children of the cave,” said Niko.

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