For the tenor of the bar Olivier Martins, a “Marseille-style” criminality is taking hold with us: “they were shooting in a burst, laughing, as if they were having fun”

For lawyer Olivier Martins, a criminality “Marseille style” moved to us.

On the night of August 11 to 12, a shootout broke out in Ixelles between the occupants of a white BMW and the driver of a Mercedes C220. Everyone goes their own way, but for investigators, drugs are the only good explanation: drugs, neighborhood control and sharing of territory. On August 20, the following shooting left one killed, also in Ixelles, Steven Kumba, said SK. At the beginning of July, another young person had already been killed, this one in Forest, with a bullet in the head fired from an Uzi submachine gun. Today, lawyers like Olivier Martins no longer hesitate to say that we have a criminality “Marseille style”.

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