For these reasons, delete the “Messenger” application immediately from your phone!

Experts in the field of cyber security have warned against the messaging application “Messenger” owned by “Facebook”, due to the failure of the application to use end-to-end encryption such as “WhatsApp”.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mirror”, a number of security experts have warned users of iPhone and Android phones against using the “Messenger” application and advised them to delete it immediately.

The Messenger app has been criticized for its failure to use end-to-end encryption such as WhatsApp, as its presence in this way puts the privacy of users and the content they exchange at risk.

A late update and lack of Messenger encryption are also linked to concerns that could lead to child exploitation, as lack of encryption means messages can be compromised and seen by hackers.

“Messenger users who are reading this should switch their personal conversations to WhatsApp or Signal and not use Messenger,” cybersecurity expert Zack Duffman wrote in Forbes.

Zak believes that it is not necessary to encrypt all social media chat platforms, but he said that it has some advantages, including protecting children, but he said that users should have the right to choose end-to-end encrypted services.


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