News For Valentine's Day, name a cockroach after your ex

For Valentine’s Day, name a cockroach after your ex


A Texas zoo offers an alternative to a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day: watching a cockroach named after your ex being devoured by animals.

“The memory of your ex gives you the cockroach? The San Antonio Zoo has the solution ”, announces the American channel CNN.

Far from the boxes of chocolates or traditional roses of Valentine’s Day, this Texas zoo offers an original alternative to souls consumed by rancor: give your ex’s name to a cockroach and see it served as pasture on this holiday .

For only 5 dollars, the zoo keepers will serve your cockroach renamed to the zoo animals. And if you are more resentful, you can even give its name to a rat, which, for 25 dollars, will be devoured by a reptile.

You can attend the show in person during Operation “Cry Me a Cockroach” this Friday, February 14. And not to miss a crumb if you live too far away, the zoo will also broadcast the crisp feast live in a live Facebook.

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To conclude this moment of revenge, people who baptized a cockroach will receive a certificate that they can share on social networks. “If you feel the courage, post it and identify [votre ex], this poor unhappy man ” , incites CNN.


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