For whom coronavirus is not terrible | Danger of coronavirus for adults

Many publications commented on the situation with the Covid-19 epidemic. The media write that children and adolescents practically do not get coronavirus. Virologists do not rush to conclusions and believe that this is not a special phenomenon, and the issue needs to be studied in detail. Most likely, the children’s category is better protected from viruses, thanks to the features of their immune system.

Infectionists report that the coronavirus, most likely, cannot be completely overcome, and the disease will take root. We now need to learn how to live with him, since the “crown” will sooner or later affect every home. However, the frequency of diseases can be stretched over time, and all preventive measures are aimed at this.

The dangers of coronavirus for the elderly

Older people, according to statistics, are undoubtedly at risk.

Interesting research data released by the laboratory.

Covid-19 enters the body through the ACE2 protein. This protein is involved in the regulation of pressure, the work of the cardiovascular system, and is found in large quantities in the lungs. And in older people, ACE2 is more active than in adolescents. This explains why the older the person, the higher the likelihood of infection and the worse the course of the disease.

In older people, the situation is exacerbated by chronic diseases, and sometimes there are several. Among which: • heart failure, • hypertension, • renal failure, • changes in the liver by type of cholecystitis and others.

Therefore, young people, mobilize and direct your energy and actions to the salvation of your old people.

The danger of coronavirus for children and adolescents

As we already said, some sources called the resistance of children and adolescents to coronavirus simply phenomenal. Is this so, let’s understand.

The Journal of the American Medical Association writes that, according to recent studies, the incidence among children is very low. The disease affected mainly the age group of 40-60 years.

A virologist notes that the children’s immune system – up to five years old, as well as adolescents – is perfectly prepared for resistance to viruses. But this does not mean that they are not infected. As a rule, the disease is mild or even asymptomatic. Therefore, parents do not take their children to the doctor, and the data does not supplement the negative statistics.

Also, according to immunologists, the year of birth and place of residence play an important role in confronting the disease and the virus. Since humanity has already survived two epidemics of coronaviruses – SARS and MERS – the child’s body has a certain immune response to them.

However, it should be remembered that with prolonged contact, if there are carriers in the family / home, sick adults infect children.

The dangers of coronavirus for adults

It should be remembered that it is well known that children can easily carry viruses – such as measles, chickenpox, which can become fatal for adults.

In adults, often a childhood illness is severe and fraught with complications. Indeed, the immunity of adults is often “tired”, struggling with their chronic diseases.

Therefore, viral infections – such as the flu, and now the coronavirus – in adults very quickly flow into pneumonia. They are unable to reflect a weakened immune system. In China, 60% of people with the “crown” had multiple chronic diseases that prevented them from climbing out of the new disease.

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