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Forced to pay for their daughter’s medical degree

Not finishing school on time is no reason for parents to stop paying for their children for college. This has been established by the Provincial Court of Cantabria, which obliges parents, through a sentence, to continue to pay for the Medicine career to his daughter in the same private university where he began to study. The magistrates consider that although they have not completed their studies in six years, it does not imply appreciating its insufficient application to studies for the purposes of consider extinguished the obligation of parents to pay for them (art. 152.5 Civil Code).

Specifically, the magistrates have considered that applying this rule would be “too rigorous and disproportionate“In this case, because even when the academic regulation of medical studies contemplates its possible completion in six courses, the “high difficulty of the same and the remarkable effort” that they require, according to the media Legal News.

Therefore, it has been concluded that the use of two more courses it does not justify penalizing the applicant with the loss of the right for her parents to contribute to these studies. Especially when you just a course is missing to finish the degree.

Pay Medicine at a private university

In addition, in this case, the father has expressed his opposition to continuing to pay for a private university, but the magistrates recall that both parents agreed to this at the time and both maintain a sufficient economic position as to attend to that expense of the daughter in the last course of her career, not having accredited no sufficient reason to impose a change of university.

In this sense, it has been highlighted the fact that the divorce decree regulate the contribution to food of the children between the parents themselves – current and undisputed regime regarding ordinary maintenance – does not limit the right of the plaintiff to claim what she needs for their studies once they have reached the age of majority, apart from the ordinary food to which the mother is entitled. That is, the alimony and the cost of the studies are differentiated.

In conclusion, the Court orders the parents to pay for half of all the expenses claimed so that your daughter continue her medical studies at the same university where he had been studying it from the beginning, regardless of the amounts that have been paid in compliance with the separation sentence.

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