Foreign actual measurement shows that the performance of M1 Max GPU is higher than that of AMD W6900X graphics card with 160,000 Taiwan dollars.

As foreign M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros are lifted and sold, many actual test reports have appeared one after another, and the most anticipated place this time is nothing more than GPU performance. Recently, a developer of image editing software shared the results of running scores with built-in functions. M1 Max is really powerful, with a score higher than the AMD Radeon Pro W6900X, which is priced at $6,000, and this software already perfectly supports the Apple Silicon chip.

Image credit: Jonathan Morrison

The M1 Max GPU is more efficient than the AMD W6900X graphics card with 160,000 Taiwan dollars

Earlier, Affinity developer Andy Somerfield shared on Twitter a screenshot of the results of using Affinity Photo’s built-in running score function to test the M1 Max GPU. The one he used is the top version, equipped with 16-core CPU and 32-core GPU. The score is 32891, which is 309 points higher than the 32580 AMD Radeon Pro W6900X, which sells for 6,000 US dollars (about 166,000 Taiwan dollars). :

Although it is not a big surpass, the performance is quite amazing, and the 32GB GDDR6 memory of the Radeon Pro W6900X provides a bandwidth of up to 512GB/s, which is higher than the 400GB/s bandwidth of the M1 Max GPU unified memory, and the M1 Max is still the same. Win.

In addition, Jonathan Morrison, a well-known foreign YouTube channel, also found that the M1 Max’s MacBook Pro 16 has a hidden high-performance mode. Even if it is battery powered (not plugged in), it will run at full capacity, unlike Windows laptops that reduce the GPU power limit. .

The following figure shows the results of the battery-powered test. The Geekbench 5 score of the M1 Max is significantly ahead of the 5K iMac equipped with AMD 5700XT:

The full movie, there are test games and other running points in the movie:

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