Foreign companies cut the three major legal entities sold for more than 6.701 billion yuan, Taiwan stocks fell 555 points in September | Anue Juheng

Taiwan stocks fell below 16,800 in early trading today (30). As electronics stocks stopped falling and stabilized, the three major groups including steel, shipping, and textiles were also favored by buyers, driving the market to rebound by 138 points, approaching Wanqi. However, in late trading, TSMC experienced adjustment selling pressure, and the index rose sharply. It rose by 79 points and closed at 16,934 points, with a transaction value of 269.4 billion yuan. Foreign capital has been sold for 3 consecutive times, and today it continued to cut 7.8 billion yuan, and the total sales of the three major legal entities exceeded 6.701 billion yuan.

The weighted index monthly and quarterly lines both closed in black, with a total drop of 555 points in September and a drop of 820 points in the third quarter. The quarterly line ended 5 consecutive reds. Observing the changes in the legal person’s bargaining chips, after the foreign capital dumped 35.5 billion yuan yesterday, today it continued to cut 7.88 billion yuan and sold 57.3 billion yuan in three trading days; the investment letter bought more than 1.99 billion yuan, which means a strong sense of protection; self-employed selling Over 804 million yuan, the total sales of the three major legal entities exceeded 6.701 billion yuan.

Observing the performance of weight stocks, TSMC was under pressure in the early trading, and the lowest fell to 575 yuan. After noon, buying gradually returned to the market, and finally closed at 580 yuan; UMC rose 1.6%; Delta, Yageo, ASE Investment Control, Swiss Yu, Novatek, etc. also have a 1-3% increase. Electronic stocks such as MediaTek, AUO, Silicon Power-KY fluctuated and fell.

Iron Man and One Piece returned to buying arms. Sinosteel’s stock price soared more than 3% to close at 36.3 yuan. Century Steel rushed to the limit, while Ye Xing and Yunqiang rose more than half of the limit. The listed steel stock index rose sharply at the end. 3.1%. Motivated by the BCI index’s surge of more than 8% on the 29th, bulk shipping stocks strengthened across the board. Xinxing, Yumin, and AVIC saw a large number of buying orders in late trading, and they went straight to the daily limit. Huiyang-KY, Taiwan Airlines, Siwei Airlines, Zhengde, etc. It also moved up strongly.

China’s power rationing effect continues to ferment, and the textile supply chain is under impact. In addition to the surge in international oil prices, the prices of polyester’s main raw materials EG and PTA have also risen. The textile industry has entered the fourth quarter of the peak season. The price of chemical fiber products is bullish, and today it is sought after by buying. , Including Lili, Lipeng, Lianfa, Jisheng, Nanfang, etc., up to 9 gears all attacked the upside limit.

High-priced stocks were up and down each other. Stocks Wang Sili-KY weakened today and closed at 4105 yuan. Xiangshuo, Pre-KY, Airtac-KY, Wivy, etc. were all under heavy selling pressure. However, Shixin- KY bucked the trend and attacked the rising stop, and Xu Falcon, Liwang, and Fubon Media also received funding to ignite.

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