Foreign Ministry investigates complaint against diplomat for trafficking of minors to Argentina

The Dominican Government announced this Saturday that it has opened an investigation after hearing a complaint against a diplomat from that country, accused of trafficking and prostitution of minors in Argentina.

The investigation has been opened as a result of a complaint made by the actor Juan Fernández, who in an interview revealed that a Dominican diplomat sent minors from his country to Argentina to prostitute them in a local.

“They are all girls of 13 and 14 years old, and they are all prostitutes (…) maybe one of them is 16,” said the actor in a video interview with the José Peguero program Las Exclusivas.

The singer assured that he himself visited the local prostitution in Argentina where Dominican minors are exploited, upon learning of their existence during a trip to the South American country.

In the interview, Fernández did not reveal the name of the allegedly implicated diplomat or detail the location of the prostitution premises, although he did specify that it is “two blocks” long.

After knowing those statements, Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez reported this Saturday of the opening of an investigation with the embassy in Argentina “and by other means.”

“MIREX (Ministry of Foreign Relations) has become aware of a public complaint about alleged trafficking in minors. Given its seriousness, an investigation has been initiated with our embassy in Argentina and through other means including contact with the Director of Ethics and Integrity Milagros Ortiz Bosch. It will be reported, “said the chancellor on his personal Twitter account.


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