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[Epoch Times October 23, 2021]Hello friends, today is October 22 (Friday), welcome to “Foresight quick review“, I’m Tang Jingyuan.

Today’s focus:Li Yundi was arrested for prostitution, Is this the biggest reason for the official selection of him? Li Yundi has a special connection with Huang Mingzhi? Besides diverting attention, does the official have a purpose?BidenHe also uttered a shocking phrase “defend Taiwan”,Chinese Communist PartyJump feet.

4 days ago on October 17,Chinese Communist PartyThe official Weibo account “Jun Zhengping Studio” of the military media “Liberation Army Daily” issued a post calling on the Chinese people to fight a “people’s war” against spyware. The article specifically mentioned “Mother Chaoyang” by name.

[Officially broke the news about Li Yundi’s whoring]

As a result, as soon as Jun Zhengping’s words fell, Aunt Chaoyang quickly made her contribution yesterday and caught a big fish. However, this big fish is not an American spy, but Li Yundi, a well-known “Piano Prince” at home and abroad. His crime is not spying on intelligence, but the old crime of destroying countless stars in the mainland: prostitution.

Not to mention that many friends may be surprised by this incident. When I first heard about it, I couldn’t believe my ears. Today we will first talk about this instantaneous hot event, which is of course a very entertaining event, but in my opinion, I am afraid it is not just a simple entertainment event.

As early as yesterday afternoon, a big V-class figure began to announce that Li Yundi was involved in pornography, but the public was still dubious. After all, at 12 noon yesterday, Li Yundi’s own Weibo account was updated as soon as he participated in the event. The latest clip of a variety show, everything seems to be normal.

At around 8 o’clock yesterday evening, the official Weibo account of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau “Ping An Beijing” suddenly appeared unpredictable and posted a Weibo pretending to be a literary fan. There was only one sentence, which said: “This world is indeed more than black and white. Color, but you must distinguish and distinguish between black and white. This, absolutely can’t be wrong…” The post was accompanied by a picture showing a close-up of a row of piano keys.

Li Yundi’s prostitution incident is not a catch

Just when the public was at a loss, an hour later, the account forwarded a briefing issued at 21:06 on the official Weibo of Beijing Chaoyang Public Security Bureau, which stated that someone was in a community in Chaoyang after receiving reports from the public. Prostitution. After the police investigation, the 29-year-old prostitute Chen Mohui and the 39-year-old prostitute man Li Moudi were seized. After review, the above-mentioned personnel have confessed to the illegal facts and have been administratively detained by the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau.

Compared with the “Li Moudi” who is still holding the pipa in the Chaoyang Branch, the number one party media “People’s Daily” is much better. Just a minute later, the official Weibo of the “People’s Daily” reposted the original text of the Chaoyang Branch. In the announcement, at the same time, a highlighted label was posted directly at the beginning: Li Yundi was detained for prostitution.

Li Yundi’s prostitution quickly rushed to the top of Weibo’s hot search

The news of course was immediately fried. The topic of Li Yundi’s prostitution quickly rushed to the top of Weibo’s hot searches, and a group of party media also acted very quickly. People’s Daily Online immediately issued an official comment, saying that “black and white keyboards cannot tolerate yellow. Anything blemishes will detract from the beautiful melody.”

“CCTV.com” also came forward and criticized Li Yundi with the topic “CCTV.com: Li Yundi is completely self-inflicted.”Li Yundi was arrested for prostitution, Once again sounded the alarm to the celebrities, who dares to break through the bottom line, challenge national laws and public morals, is to commit sins and not live!

I think everyone has seen the subsequent news. Last night, the Chinese Musicians Association immediately announced the cancellation of Li Yundi’s membership, and Li Yundi’s variety show “Brother Through the Thorns” was also removed from the shelves, including his exclusive use at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. The studio’s plaque was also removed in the first time; a series of merchandise manufacturers endorsed by him also quickly deleted his photos, and the entire music, entertainment, and business circles have adopted a total ban on him.

Chaoyang mass reporting is actually a false proposition

In a word, for Li Yundi, his music career may be interrupted for a few years, but he may not be able to board the Taiga Hall for life.

The latest information now is that Li Yundi was involved in the accident because he was caught by the public security clues through WeChat transfer.

From the process we have just sorted out, we can see that the Li Yundi prostitution incident is not a current catch. The so-called mass reporting is actually a false proposition. The official has long grasped his situation through big data control.

From the suggestive notice issued by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to halt the public’s appetite, to the Chaoyang branch’s launch of the main dish, and then the central party media collectively turned to reveal the mystery. This is obviously the official only after all kinds of preparations are in place. Skillfully and orderly, Li Yundi was thrown out, guided and promoted step by step, and finally created this huge wave of public opinion carnival.


We all know that Li Yundi is a famous figure in China and even international music festivals. He started to learn piano at the age of 7 and participated in the 14th Chopin International Piano Competition on his 18th birthday. He won the laurel that has been vacant for 15 years and became the youngest in the history of this oldest and most authoritative piano competition. The champion is also the first Chinese to win this award.

This achievement gave him a huge aura. He once became the most gorgeous business card of the CCP’s official efforts to build high-end soft power. “May 4th Youth Ambassador” and other red titles. At a young age, he served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Political Consultative Conference, a member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Youth Federation, and a vice chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Federation. The officials in the system of “impeaching and optimizing” are now.

Turning on his Weibo, we can see that he has not missed any opportunity to love the party and the country. The whole story is the positive energy and main theme of the official standard. At least in Li Yundi’s Weibo, you can’t see much of the black and white of his piano keyboard, almost all red.

Therefore, such a red to purple person was suddenly beaten up by the official media collectively. First he kicked him from the clouds into the dirtiest quagmire of “pornography, gambling, drugs,” and then stepped on one foot. He will never stand up, this contrast cannot but be said to be a bit too big.

This is the biggest difference between the Li Yundi incident and Wu Yifan, Huo Zun and others. He may already think that he belongs to the Zhao family. The public also thinks that he is at least half of the Zhao family. But in fact, in the eyes of the party, he is the same. A leek is just a leek with relatively good appearance and relatively rich nutrition.

When his increasingly ruined piano art can no longer be used by the party-state to unearth much surplus value, it is his turn to give his life, at least his artistic life as a sacrifice for the party-state.

What are the needs of the party state? Diverting the attention of public opinion should be the most important one.

This technique is not new, and it can even be said to be a classic stupid technique used by the Central Propaganda Department. Whenever a vicious incident that smears the face of the party occurs in Chinese society, or a major public opinion impact event that is unfavorable to the CCP from the outside world, the mainland Internet is often overwhelmed by a sudden yellow scandal that covers almost every corner.

From the 2014 official media using Guo Meimei’s gambling and prostitution to cover Zhou Yongkang’s fall, the Kunshan Big Bang and the Red Cross scandal, to the 2015 Uniqlo indecent video that instantly flooded the Yangtze River Oriental Star passenger ship sinking, and then to the Wu Yifan rape scandal. This greatly dilutes the public’s attention to the Zhengzhou flood tragedy. This kind of operation has long been familiar to the Central Propaganda Department.

Yesterday Li Yundi was thrown out as a high-end version of Guo Meimei. Obviously, it is time for the authorities to find someone to lift the tank and someone to use a human body to clear the party state.

The Ou Jinzhong Incident, Huang Mingzhi’s “Glass Heart”…

What are the thunders facing the authorities now? I believe that even friends who are not so closely following current events may be able to count a few: the Ou Jinzhong incident that triggered a tsunami of public opinion, and the gas explosion that almost destroyed a street in Shenyang. The peak of the shock wave of Evergrande’s thunder explosion, property tax and non-public capital news ban has not really arrived. Various versions of fierce infighting in the Sixth Plenary Session, including the arrest of Jiang Zemin’s grandson, and other true and false rumors have begun to spread everywhere. (Foresight quick review

For the authorities, this is undoubtedly a huge pressure of public opinion. It is especially worth mentioning that the new song “Glass Heart” by Malaysian Chinese Huang Mingzhi and Chen Fangyu has only been released on the YouTube channel just a week ago. It has received 12.7 million views, nearly 570,000 likes and more than 110,000 comments.

This achievement has not been seen in the Chinese music circle for many years. As early as the day before yesterday (20th), this satirical little pink, “Glass Heart”, which touched all sensitive topics including Xi Jinping and Xinjiang, was already It is ranked 14th on YouTube’s global click-through list, and it is also the only Chinese song on the list.

My friends went to YouTube to see that even though the mainland blocked the song and the Weibo accounts of Huang Mingzhi and Chen Fangyu in the first place, there were still a large number of mainlanders over the wall to leave messages, expressing their appreciation for Huang Mingzhi’s standing for making money. And it is the admiration and support of making big money. The popularity of this song has been on the pages of major media and has received widespread attention from the international community.

This is undoubtedly a very difficult problem for the authorities. In particular, a large number of Taiwanese friends call on Taiwanese celebrities to follow Huang Mingzhi and not to bend the waist for the five buckets of rice in the mainland market. It can be said that it directly impacted the overall situation of the CCP’s united front against Taiwan. If Taiwanese artists and even Taiwanese businessmen act like Huang Mingzhi and make their refusal to kneel to the CCP a popular industry, it will mean a huge failure of the CCP’s united front.

This is something that the CCP absolutely does not want to see, so interrupting this trend of continued fermentation of public opinion has become a rigid need of the CCP.

Everyone knows that the mainland literary circle is very chaotic, and catching two scandalous stars can be a piece of cake. Why did the CCP deliberately choose Li Yundi as a victim? Is there anything special about him? The particularity of Li Yundi is that he is a pianist with a high international reputation and an out-and-out international star. Throwing him out can cause a public opinion sensation in the international community that other stars cannot reach.

[Li Yundi became a sacrifice to reshape the red morals]

In addition, Li Yundi was cast as a target for national criticism. It is indeed related to the current political needs of the CCP in the macroscopic view. That is, the CCP wants to use him as a tool for ideological purge. This is the CCP’s second. Purpose.

Just now we said that Li Yundi has actually done a good job keeping up with the party in public, but this does not guarantee that he will always be the darling of the party mom. Let’s look back at the first wave of purged entertainment stars. Who doesn’t post high-profile compliments every July and November? Who has not reposted the label “Flag Bearer” in the Hong Kong Anti-transmission Movement?

But the CCP does not think that you are your own person after a few pictures. The CCP has always followed this routine. Whenever it launches a campaign, it must first set up several examples of different levels. For example, Zhao Wei is a political issue, Wu Kris is a crime issue, Zheng Shuang is an economic issue, and Huo Zun and Li Yundi are both. Corruption of life style and so on.

These stars are thrown out to criticize, not because the others are clean, but because they meet a certain standard set by the authorities at present, they are just selected.

In other words, the CCP is trying to use the purge of the literary circle to reshape the so-called communist morality. On the one hand, it can find another legitimacy support for the CCP to instigate fanatical nationalism. On the other hand, it can put a moral cloak on the new political movement and desensitize the public’s aversion to fear of the Cultural Revolution 2.0.

One thing to note here is that the so-called reshaping of morality by the CCP is not the morality of being a human in traditional Chinese culture, but the communist red morality that the CCP has formed since the Mao Zedong era. Although Xi Jinping talks about the promotion of traditional culture wherever he goes, he actually promotes the party culture after stealing the information.

The CCP has launched a wave of red ethics movement since its establishment. It also started with the prohibition of pornography, gambling and drugs, and once publicly announced that New China had completely eliminated the existence of prostitutes and gamblers. Xi Jinping is just copying Mao Zedong’s homework again. However, the red privilege system that was born with the red regime was destined for such a moral reshaping, and in the end it could only become a Marxist-Leninist torch, focusing on others but not on oneself.

This is the root cause of the double-label strange phenomenon that we see that the privileged class has hundreds of mistresses and it is all right, and ordinary people who want to go to jail for a prostitute.

Okay, at the end, there is still some time. Let’s briefly talk about the latest developments in Taiwan.

Yesterday, the European Parliament passed the first “EU-Taiwan Political Relations and Cooperation Report” with an overwhelmingly high vote of 580 in favor, 26 against, and 66 abstentions. The core content of the relationship includes the two focal points of changing the name of the EU office in Taiwan and launching the EU-Taiwan investment agreement.

In the past, the name of the European Union’s office in Taiwan was the European Economic and Trade Office. Now it is renamed the “European Office in Taiwan.” This is tantamount to upgrading EU-Taiwan relations on two levels. One is that the title of Taiwan has been formally used instead of Taipei, and Taiwan has been viewed objectively as a relatively independent political entity.

Another aspect is the removal of the word economy and trade, which means that at least in theory, the EU can develop relations with Taiwan in all areas except economy and trade. The modification of this name is a strong support for the establishment of a representative office in Taiwan by the former Lithuania.

The launch of the EU-Taiwan Investment Agreement is obviously in contrast to the indefinite freezing of the China-EU Investment Agreement. At least on this issue, there has not been a rise in the east as predicted by Xi Jinping, but a rise in the north and a fall in the north.

This of course made the CCP furious.But the CCP has not had time to formulate measures to retaliate, and a big news broke out here in the United States.BidenIn the CNN news program “Town Hall” (Town Hall), the host Anderson Cooper asked: “Do you mean that if China attacks, the United States will defend Taiwan?” Biden immediately responded, “Yes, we have Promise to do so”.

Although the White House subsequently responded that the United States had not changed its Taiwan policy, Biden did not announce any changes. The US-Taiwan defense relationship is guided by the “Taiwan Relations Act,” which has always been the case for the past 40 years and so on.

But Biden’s very clear statement immediately became the focus of media reports, because it was the second time Biden made a clearer statement after accepting an interview with ABC on August 18 to implicitly express that he would defend Taiwan.

Is this Biden’s slip of the tongue again? Obviously not. You know, Biden did not answer this question affirmatively once, but twice. Before the host asked questions, a live audience asked Biden whether the United States would promise to defend Taiwan. Biden barely hesitated to speak and replied: “yes and yes”.

Therefore, as we have analyzed in the past, in the huge space of strategic obscurity, the United States has begun to move to the clear end and cut sausages. This is an obvious change in the Biden administration, and this change coincides with the CCP’s threat of cutting sausages in the Taiwan Strait.

This is what we are talking about dynamically maintaining the status quo. As long as the threat of the CCP increases, the clarity of the United States will definitely increase. Perhaps the CCP wants to test the bottom line of the US, or how determined Biden is to fulfill its verbal promises. But Biden has repeatedly publicly released such remarks, which in itself already shows that the United States is making major adjustments to its vague strategy in the past. Biden rushed forward and the White House pulled back again. This was just another double act.

Moreover, these two news yesterday have shown that Europe and the United States are taking coordinated actions on the Taiwan issue.

In other words, the CCP is preparing for war, but the United States is also preparing for war.

Okay, we will stop here today. Thank you for watching. I wish you a happy weekend. See you next time.

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