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[Epoch Times September 28, 2021]Hello friends, today is September 27 (Monday), welcome to “Foresight quick review“, I’m Tang Jingyuan.

This past weekend,Meng WanzhouUndoubtedly, he is the most watched news figure in the world. Although the two Canadian hostages who have been tried and convicted by the Chinese Communist Party also boarded the plane and left mainland China to return to Canada at the same time, the focus of tracking by the major media is still on Meng Wanzhou.

Meng WanzhouThe four embarrassments of “Patriotic Show”]

This is of course not because Meng Wanzhou’s half-aged milf’s body has been deformed, but she still perseveres in turning every opportunity to appear in court in Canada into a fashion show. She even insisted on returning to the special plane to return to China-in fact, she was The red dress required to be changed, that is, the so-called “Chinese red” dress deliberately reported by the mainland official media, has been picked up by netizens and belongs to the well-known New York fashion brand Carolina Herrera, without a discount. The price tag is US$4,038 per piece.

“American Red” pretending to be “China Red”

This is like the practice of big pants who always use Hollywood war movie footage to pretend to be the “party and army mighty” of the powerful country. It exudes a strong flavor of the Chinese Communist Party. That is to say, Meng Wanzhou’s “Patriotic Show” was actually very uninteresting, and the director of this show also seemed very unprofessional. Because it is said that the Air China flight CA552 that Meng Wanzhou took on September 6 has interrupted the frequency of one flight in the previous two days, without any flight records, waiting for Meng Wanzhou to cooperate with this performance.

For more than half a month, the Central Propaganda Department did not expect to prepare a red dress produced by the party-state for Meng Wanzhou. As a result, Meng Wanzhou had to use the authentic “American Red” to pretend to be “Chinese Red”. “I can’t help but say that it is a big irony.

This is actually just one of the small embarrassments of Meng Wanzhou’s “patriotic show.” The reason why Meng Wanzhou was focused by the international media is actually because of the impact of this hostage diplomacy on the international community. This impact will inevitably cause all countries to re-examine the way they deal with the CCP.

Under the illumination of such a delicate spotlight, Meng Wanzhou’s patriotic show will inevitably reveal many flaws and troubles. Let’s talk about this interesting topic first.

Some of the flaws in Meng Wanzhou’s patriotic show were caused by herself. For example, when she was reading the manuscript impassionedly at Shenzhen Bao’an Airport, she accidentally gave Xi Jinping an inferior celebrity. Others are mainly faults, which are caused by the nature of her case and the nature of the agreement she signed.

The secret order of the Central Propaganda Department exposed

These flaws can actually be seen from an internal notice from the Central Propaganda Department widely circulated on WeChat in mainland China. It is difficult to tell whether this notice is true or false, but judging from the content, it does touch on the key points of Meng Wanzhou.

There are a total of 4 notifications, which is what it says:

Attention to various propaganda departments and online media:

1. Regarding Meng’s return to China, we should report more from the perspective of the strength of the motherland and the victory of the struggle. Try not to mention her relationship with Huawei, especially not to hype that she was a Huawei executive.

2. Do not report on the release of two Canadians.

3. Websites should not analyze the so-called insider trading in the three countries of China, the United States and Canada, nor should they review the real reasons why Meng was detained in those years.

4. Regarding Meng’s own nationality and the nationality of his four children, as well as whether he violated the family planning policy in the past, there must be no hype.

Although no one knows the original source of this notice, it is not difficult to distinguish its authenticity. In particular, friends in mainland China only need to pay attention to the official media reports on Meng Wanzhou, whether they meet these four standards. , You know what is true and false.

Everyone knows that Meng Wanzhou’s relationship with Huawei is well known all over the world. When she stood on the red carpet after getting off the plane, she inevitably said “As a struggling Huawei person, I am proud of Huawei.” Why does the Central Propaganda Department ask to dilute her relationship with Huawei as much as possible?

【1. Meng Wanzhou acts as a “stained witness” in exchange for freedom】

This actually involves the biggest embarrassment of Meng Wanzhou’s patriotic show that we are going to talk about today, that is, Meng Wanzhou’s confession of wrong or not guilty.

We discussed this issue with you in the last program, that is, Meng Wanzhou shouted “NOT GUITY” to the judge who presided over the out-of-court mediation proceedings. Strictly speaking, it has no legal meaning, but she signed it. In the agreement, she admitted that the alleged frauds are facts, but this has legal significance. This meaning is clearly stated in the official statement issued by the US Department of Justice.

The statement quoted a statement from Acting U.S. Attorney Bokman, saying, “Meng Wanzhou’s admission confirms the core of the government’s allegations in the prosecution of this financial fraud. Work hard to deceive global financial institutions, the U.S. government, and the public regarding Huawei’s activities in Iran.”

The statement also quoted Polite, Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division of the Ministry of Justice, referring to the agreement that Meng Wanzhou had admitted straightforwardly: “Our prosecution team is ready to continue the trial of Huawei. We look forward to proof in court. Our allegations against the company.”

This is the embarrassment of Meng Wanzhou’s patriotic show: the United States must use Meng Wanzhou’s testimony to testify against Huawei in the next step, including Ren Zhengfei. freedom of. If Huawei is subject to more severe sanctions and blows as a result, she will be the main driving force.

This, of course, will completely reverse Meng Wanzhou’s patriotic image. The CCP only wants to avoid this passivity and asks to dilute or even cut her relationship with Huawei as much as possible.

[2. The lens of Meng Wanzhou climbing Xi Jinping is deleted]

The second biggest embarrassment was caused by Meng Wanzhou himself. When she was studying at the Shenzhen Airport, she specifically mentioned that “Chairman Xi also took my business to heart.” This is a logical flattery in anyone’s eyes. But what is rather strange is that in the subsequent video of Meng Wanzhou’s speech broadcast by major party media, this sentence was deleted, and even the text report published by Sina under the title was deleted.

Why does the party media want to cut the relationship between Xi Jinping and Meng Wanzhou? There are two major factors behind this. One is that Meng Wanzhou is, after all, only the chief financial officer of a private company. Such an ordinary citizen wants to alarm Xi Yizun to come out and find people in person. This undoubtedly confirms Huawei’s status as a “party enterprise.”

Another big factor is that Meng Wanzhou was able to return to the mainland, not only because she accused Huawei, but also because the CCP kidnapped two Canadian citizens and conducted hostage diplomacy against the United States and Canada. Regardless of how the CCP blocked or distorted this matter at home, the response in the international community was extremely bad.

To say that Xi Jinping personally deployed the rescue of Meng Wanzhou is tantamount to saying that Xi Jinping personally deployed the kidnapping for extortion. This is undoubtedly a heavy blow to Xi Jinping’s image.


From here, it directly brings out the third embarrassment of Meng Wanzhou’s patriotic show, which is that the hostage diplomacy has created an inconvenient flaw in Meng Wanzhou’s true identity.

When the CCP kidnapped Cumming Kai and Spafer from the beginning, it arrested people on suspicion of espionage. We all know that the CCP is actually capable of using any crime to frame it. It doesn’t matter whether it is prostitution or drug trafficking. Why does it have to choose the crime of espionage? In fact, the answer is very simple. The CCP itself knows that Meng Wanzhou’s true identity is a spy.

During the Cold War, there were many records of exchanges of spies between the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union. Many of my friends may have seen the famous Hollywood movie “Spy Bridge” starring Tom Hanks, which tells the story of a real spy exchange.

We saw the party media “Global Times” published an exclusive report yesterday that the two Canadians had written confessions and left China on a “guarantee pending trial,” saying that if there is a violation, the trial can be resumed. This is obviously a super joke of the Chinese Communist law. Two people who have already been tried, especially Spaffer, who has been sentenced to 11 years in prison, can actually go back to “release on bail pending trial” in legal proceedings.

The CCP played such an upside-down drama, in fact, in order to be equal to Meng Wanzhou’s requirement that “prosecutions will be resumed if the agreement is violated.” China and the United States are in fact in a state of cold war. We all know each other well.

Therefore, this time the exchange between Meng Wanzhou and the two Mikes, in the opinion of the international community, is that the CCP kidnapped the hostages and threatened the United States and Canada. However, the CCP wants to show that this is a common Cold War spy exchange. , Not a hostage kidnapping of gangster style. Hua Chunying said that the two Mike’s cases are different in nature from Meng Wanzhou’s, but they are just a consistent rhetoric that there is no money here and want to cover it up.

[4. How Meng Wanzhou secretly changed the concept of “nationality”]

Of course, the nationality issue of Meng Wanzhou will inevitably become the fourth most embarrassing point of the patriotic show. As we all know, Meng Wanzhou has 7 passports. He is a resident of Mainland China and a citizen of Hong Kong. He is also a permanent resident of Canada with a “Maple Leaf Card”. Although the mainland media have reported in the past that Meng Wanzhou’s “Maple Leaf Card” has expired, this is just a trick to secretly change the concept.

According to Canadian law, Canadians include Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Among them, the status of Canadian permanent residents will not be automatically lost due to the expiration of the Maple Leaf Card, but will only be lost after I formally apply to withdraw or are publicly cancelled by the Immigration Bureau.

So, at least so far, Meng Wanzhou can still be said to be an authentic Canadian. The comment on the Internet that “one Canadian changes two Canadians” is not a joke, but the truth.

[FrenchheavyreportrevealedCCP penetration

Okay, next we are going to discuss with you a blockbuster report issued by an agency of the French Ministry of Defense. The reason why it is a heavy report is not only because of its heavy weight: the report is 646 pages long, lasted for two years, and more than 50 experts participated in the investigation and research.

More importantly, it is because of the heavy content of the report: This report has carefully sorted out the deepening and extensive global network deployed by the Chinese Communist government in recent years to expand its influence from four aspects. Throughout the investigation process, the chief of the team avoided all pro-communist scholars, sinologists, research institutions, and politicians, and finally appointed Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, the dean of the French Military Academy’s School of Strategic Studies (Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer). ) And Paul Charon, an intelligence and China expert.

In fact, some western countries have recently issued a number of investigation reports to warn of the CCP’s threats. The French Ministry of Defense’s report is more eye-catching in two points:

1. When the investigation team released the report, it was very clearly emphasized that the report exposed the CCP, not China.

2. The report believes that the CCP’s expansion strategy is undergoing a major change: it has shifted from being dedicated to winning the love of the world to making the world feel fearful. This is known as the “Machiavellian Moment” and also known as the CCP’s “Russification”.


In a nutshell, this report mainly exposes the network deployment and development trajectory of the CCP’s expansion of overseas influence from four aspects. The first part is to summarize the theoretical structure of the CCP’s huge strategy, which includes the “united front” familiar to the public, as well as the “three wars” such as psychological warfare, public opinion warfare, and legal warfare that have only become popular in recent years. War” theory.

The second part is to dig out the main relevant institutions participating in this strategy, including the Central Propaganda Department, the United Front Work Department, and the Ministry of National Security as the party and government agencies, as well as the military, especially the centralized exposure of the Chinese Communist army in Fuzhou. The 311 base is the base camp where the CCP launched the “Three Wars”. In addition, there are also a large number of state-owned or private companies in various fields from construction to digital.

The third major part is to expose the CCP’s methods of action, including some methods of how to win the favor of foreign people, but more about how the CCP conducts various infiltration and coercive actions. Its fields of activity are extremely wide, involving diplomacy, economy, and politics. , Education, culture, think tanks, overseas Chinese groups, and media manipulation that the CCP is very good at.

In the fourth part of the report, the four countries of Taiwan, Singapore, Sweden, and Canada are used as examples to expose how the huge network of the CCP works. At the same time, it also introduces how this system is suppressing Hong Kong in 2019. Various actions during the civil protest movement in 2015 and during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the large content of the report, we will briefly select relatively unfamiliar but important information today.

[The CCP’s Transnational Repression of Overseas Chinese]

The first very important issue is the CCP’s largest transnational infiltration and transnational suppression of overseas Chinese.

According to relevant surveys, there are approximately 40 to 60 million overseas Chinese in the world, all over the world in more than 180 countries, and more than 80% of them have obtained local citizenship.

Because these overseas Chinese can freely obtain a large amount of information that has not been censored by the CCP, and pass this information back to their relatives and friends in China through various methods, they are regarded by the CCP as a potential threat, and they have naturally become the priority targets of large-scale foreign propaganda. The CCP has two goals: one is to control these people and prevent them from threatening the party-state power; the other is to use this group of people to induce them to protect the CCP’s own interests.

In this regard, the main method used by the CCP is to use “blood lineage.”

The report mentioned that the CCP used to distinguish between overseas Chinese and mainland citizens, but when Xi Jinping decided to call out the slogan “Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation”, this line became blurred. The purpose was to use Chinese descent to integrate. The very diverse Chinese groups establish and cultivate the feeling of “belonging to the same country.”

For example, a Chinese American serving in the U.S. Air Force once mentioned that during a dinner with a Chinese military delegation, the Chinese regimental commander and a senior military general toasted him and said, “Remember, blood is thicker than water. You shed the blood of a Chinese. You must understand that no matter where you serve in the country, you are a Chinese first.”

This incident shows that the CCP’s primary tool for attracting the United Front goals they are interested in is to use the Chinese blood and the culture that values ​​roots in the Chinese tradition, and then use the tactics that confuse China and the CCP to buy.

Secondly, for those who are difficult to buy, especially groups that the CCP has brutally suppressed on the mainland, such as Tibetans, Xinjiang people, Falun Gong practitioners, including Taiwan dissidents, pro-democracy activists, Hong Kong people who have immigrated after 2019, human rights journalists, etc. The CCP implemented a transnational repression described by human rights organizations as “the most meticulously planned, broadest, and most comprehensive in the world.”

In terms of specific actions, no matter what nationality these people are, the CCP always judges them on the basis of “blood” and regards them as objects that it can govern, suppress, and block. The CCP monitors, counts, infiltrates, and puts pressure on these groups for a long time. It also uses various methods to intimidate, harass, use its domestic family members to coerce, and even directly persecute them.

According to the small-scale statistics of Freedom House, there have been at least 214 blatant transnational suppression incidents between 2014 and 2020 alone. What’s more, the CCP will force the local government to arrest and extradite targeted individuals. This is in India. It has happened in at least 9 countries including Thailand, Serbia and Malaysia.

[610: An extrajudicial institution beyond imagination]

Another important part is the report’s exposure of the CCP’s “610” system.

The “610” office is a completely extra-legal institution established during Jiang Zemin’s period. It is fully responsible for suppressing Falun Gong faith groups, and it has now also been extended to suppress all “religious denominations.”

According to the preliminary statistics of the report, the “610” office has about 15,000 members at home and abroad. These people are authorized to completely eliminate the Falun Gong community without any legal basis.

The report quoted the testimony of Chen Yonglin, a former CCP official who served as the consul in Sydney, Australia and was in charge of the Falun Gong issue group, saying that as early as 2000, the CCP’s war on Falun Gong spread overseas. Every CCP diplomatic mission must have at least one full-time official responsible for the suppression of Falun Gong, whose task is to monitor and persecute local Falun Gong practitioners in the country.

Chen Yonglin said that at that time, the CCP deployed more than 1,000 spies and informants only in Australia for intelligence collection and suppression of Falun Gong practitioners. In the United States, this number is at least comparable because there are even more Falun Gong practitioners in the United States.

The report discloses that the CCP uses many methods of persecution. What the public is familiar with is that the CCP uses the media, pro-Communist overseas Chinese groups, and overseas student organizations to demonize Falun Gong practitioners, as well as various attacks and slanders, including finding ways to prevent Falun Gong groups from speaking out.

For example, in 2007, Zhang Jiyan, the wife of an accountant at the CCP’s Embassy in Ottawa, sought asylum in Canada. She showed a confidential note showing how the embassy’s anti-Falungong team used the expatriates and students to send petitions and protest letters to help. Prevent the Chinese New Tang Dynasty TV station from obtaining a broadcasting license locally.

In addition, a common method used by the CCP is to impersonate Falun Gong practitioners to send insulting e-mails to officials and parliamentarians of various countries, with the intent of blaming Falun Gong practitioners.

For example, in Canada, Congressman Judy Sgro (Judy Sgro) received such emails in December 2017, and Congressman Peter Julian (Peter Julian) in March 2019, which claimed to be It was sent by Falun Gong practitioners, but its IP address was found to be in China.

In short, the content of this report is very comprehensive, including in-depth exposure of Huawei’s infiltration and coercive activities in various countries. Today, due to time constraints, we will stop here for the time being. In future programs, we may continue to share with you those dirty secrets that are unknown to the CCP in this report.

In the end, the news about power rationing and blackouts in the mainland has suddenly heated up in the past two days, and the attention has even begun to catch up with the Meng Wanzhou incident. There are different opinions on the reasons for this phenomenon. The most funny thing is that many self-media media in mainland China fooled the public and said that this was the CCP’s next big game in order to bring down the American imperialism.

What is the real cause of the power rationing incident? I will discuss this topic as a guest on NTDTV’s “Hot Interaction” live program tonight. Friends are welcome to pay attention. That’s it for today. Thank you for watching. See you next time.

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