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existZhengzhou floodsAs soon as the floods passed and grief was everywhere, the issue of accountability naturally became the focus. Actually, I didn’t expect Zhengzhou officials to be held accountable. As I discussed with you last time, being able to squander people’s lives at will without taking responsibility is the biggest “advantage” of the CCP system.

But when the truth about the tragedy, which was obviously one-third of natural disasters and seven-point man-made disasters, just unraveled, the mainland public opinion field sounded a voice of accountability, but everyone was astonished by these accountability. The voice is not to pursue officials who committed dereliction of duty or even murder, but to begin besieging and investigating how overseas media “smeared” and “spreaded rumors” to report the Zhengzhou tragedy.

I have to say that this is far beyond the imagination of many people, and even many mainland media people who have been familiar with the public opinion environment in mainland China have difficulty accepting such a major reversal. They have constantly issued public statements saying that they no longer pay attention to any floods in Henan. Related news.

Foreign media reporters were siege incident, the network swipes the screen

Today we will talk about this event that has become the focus of international public opinion, and becauseTokyo OlympicsA series of public opinion events that will be triggered. We will find that these events seem to be irrelevant, but in fact they all have some kind of internal connection.

“Passengers were thrown on the platform waiting to die” foreign media reporters were besieged

The siege of foreign media reporters mainly involved two media, one is the BBC and the other is Deutsche Welle.

On July 22, BBC reporter Robin Brant went to Zhengzhou to report first-hand news of the disaster area and interview local people on the spot. In particular, Robin questioned whether the subway tragedy was a man-made disaster in a video report that has received much attention on the Metro Line 5 incident. In the Chinese subtitles at the bottom of the video, it can be seen that this content is displayed: The uncomfortable question is why at a station on this subway line, a subway system that has been built less than 10 years ago, will be flooded with a lot of rain, and passengers will be thrown on the platform and wait for death.”

As a result, the phrase “passengers were thrown on the platform and waited to die” immediately attracted a large number of pink siege, claiming that this was a rumor, and this was discrediting the government and even the great motherland. Some people threatened Robin to “catch it and hit him” or “should give him a meal”; others yelled, “I really want to put a bowl of spicy soup on his face”, and there were even comments on the official Weibo of the “Henan Communist Youth League” Asked “Is it illegal to catch and kill?”

Is Robin’s remark spreading rumors? Strictly speaking, his sentence is not accurate enough, because the real situation is worse than what he said. The passengers were indeed thrown to death, but the location was not at the platform, but at the two stations of Beach Temple and Shakou Road. Between the subway tunnels. Moreover, originally this train had a safe stop at Beach Temple, but the subway management department did not stop the operation and evacuated the passengers in an emergency when the flood had begun to fill, but ordered to continue moving forward.

This is the most direct cause of this train of subway bound for death. It would be okay if the passengers were really thrown on the platform and waited for death. The passengers at least had a chance to save themselves and escape, and would not be trapped in a dark tunnel in a dilemma.

The officials waited for instructions and the passengers waited and died.

These situations are all told by the survivors’ own testimony. An anonymous subway employee also posted an exposing that the management department did not dare to take responsibility, and that no one dared to give orders to stop the operation. For this, we unexpectedly got two very powerful circumstantial evidence, which were provided by the Premier Li Keqiang of the Chinese Communist Party and Zheng Zhajie, the governor of Zhejiang Province.

Just today, Li Keqiang presided over a video conference on flood relief and flood prevention work, emphasizing that in emergency situations, except for special industries, work, school, and business should be decisively suspended; for urban subways, tunnels, etc. Just seal it.”

The governor of Zhejiang Province Zheng ZhajieTyphoon “Fireworks”Approaching, on the afternoon of July 24th, I went to Hangzhou subway station and other places to check the anti-platform work, and then emphasized that in case of emergencies, one should not wait for orders at all levels. You must be aware of the first time and clarify the subway platform and regulations. The division of responsibilities between the line and the entire network, etc., must be made promptly and dealt with decisively.

Did you see it? A discerning person can tell at a glance that these words are based on the model of Zhengzhou Metro.

People trapped in the subway madly call for help but they can’t get through

The core of BBC reporter Robin’s report is to question why a very modern new subway has such a low-level safety problem, wrong decisions before the accident, and a large number of passengers waiting to die after the accident-please pay attention, saying that letting passengers wait to die is not Who made it up? This is also the survivor’s own account, saying that people trapped in the subway made crazy calls to the government for help, but they couldn’t get through. In the end, I managed to get through one, but I was told that there was no rescue, you could only help yourself.

From this point of view, Robin’s questioning is not a big problem. His only problem is that the location is not accurate enough. He said that waiting for death in the tunnel is a platform. We saw that the BBC also quickly revised this Chinese subtitle.

But with just such a little mistake, if the Henan Communist Youth League and some Weibo accounts such as the red big V got the treasure, they immediately grasped not amplifying the hype, attacking one point and neglecting the rest, using the typical out of context method to infinitely target all foreign media. He even equated “foreign media interviews” with “rumors and smears.”

Against this background, it is not surprising that Deutsche Welle reporters were besieged or almost beaten by so-called “patriotic masses” on the streets of Zhengzhou.

Do these people accept official instructions?Has caused a public opinion effect

The video about the Deutsche Welle reporter being besieged has been screened on the Internet, and I guess most of my friends have seen it. Judging from the footage, there were males and females among the war wolves participating in the siege. They either wore masks or were either behind or in profile in the video, so it is difficult to determine their true identity.

On this point, there has been a lot of controversy on the Internet. Many people think that these people are not ordinary people, but plainclothes arranged by the government or the Zhengzhou version of “sunrise masses.”There are two grounds for this: one is that the Internet is rumored that the official has issued a private notice requestJingguang Road TunnelThe office in the jurisdiction near the mouth sent people from door to door to warn businesses along the street not to accept foreign media interviews in private. Another reason is that the few warwolves seem to have accurate information and very purposefulness, and they are not the same as other people who are busy with various post-disaster affairs.

In fact, it does not matter whether these people have accepted the official instructions. What is important is that the actions of these people have successfully led to two consequences in just a few minutes:

1. The siege incident quickly fermented into major media headlines. The suppression of the international media in Zhengzhou meant that Zhengzhou officials deliberately concealed the truth of the disaster, and they were instantly frozen.

2. Even many people in the domestic media can’t stand it. They have successively issued public statements and no longer pay attention to or forward any news about the Zhengzhou or Henan disaster, and even formed a trend.

Zhengzhou official public relations disaster, Hu Bian is in a hurry

For Zhengzhou officials, this is actually a huge public relations disaster. It has offended foreign and domestic media. I have never seen such a stupid operation.Whether it was interviews or filming by foreign media, in fact, they didn’t dig out any real fierce material, but after this wave of siege, Zhengzhou Metro andJingguang Road TunnelThe exposure of the two tragedies has risen exponentially.

If the CCP’s usual concept of “smearing” is to be applied, the “smearing effect” of the siege of journalists may far exceed the two reports themselves.

Even Hu Xijin, the editor of the Global Times, was anxious and posted a comment stating that “people everywhere are strongly not advised to contain individual Western journalists on the spot”, because this not only “cannot reverse their perspective and attitude”, but only The effect of allowing Western media to gain an elevated position because of “suppression” is counterproductive.

Of course, Hu Bian always prides himself on his professionalism of being able to “hold up” in all aspects. Therefore, he always feels that these street offices in Zhengzhou or the plainclothes of the grassroots public security, including the onlookers to provoke the public, etc., are too professional and too technical to deal with overseas media. Low, it is a bit contemptuous for being small and unbearable. But in fact, this wave of incitement to xenophobia is by no means confined to Zhengzhou officials.

Reuters reported that Hou Zhihui caused an uproar

On July 24th, Chinese player Hou Zhihui atTokyo OlympicsIn the women’s 49 kg weightlifting competition, they won a gold medal. This is China’s second gold medal in the Olympic Games. It does not have much special significance in itself. However, no one expected that this report by Reuters about Hou Zhihui would have caused an uproar, simply because Hou Zhihui’s picture looks “extremely unnatural.”

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka took the lead and tweeted Reuters, saying, “Among so many photos of the Games, Reuters chose this one. This can only show how ugly they are. Don’t add politics and ideology to sports. Above, don’t claim to be an unbiased media organization. Shameless.”

Then the party media “Global Times”, “Guangming Net” and major portal websites also quickly followed up, collectively condemning Reuters for bad intentions and deliberately using photos of Hou Zhihui with a hideous expression when lifting weights to vilify China’s image.

The Chinese Embassy even posted two photos of white athletes with natural expressions published by Reuters, raising the qualitative question of this question to the level of racism, asking harshly whether it is only “Western whites are more likely to get good things”?

Needless to say, as for the large number of five hair pinks, all kinds of unbearable insults are overwhelming.

“China Daily” reported that Hou Zhihui won the championship. Similar pictures

But what’s very funny is that the party media here has just launched a wave of public opinion offensive, and it was soon dug out by netizens. The CCP’s own large foreign propaganda media, China Daily, used it when reporting about Hou Zhihui’s victory. The same is the photo of Hou Zhihui exerting force when grasping the barbell. Its expression looks even more unnatural and uglier than the photo used by Reuters.

If the party media’s previous screaming and scolding, large foreign propaganda media such as China Daily are more shameless and darker than Reuters, because they actually vilify their compatriots and their own sports heroes as unworthy of beauty. The lower race of things, isn’t this a genuine traitorous media?

Some netizens ridiculed that this could be called a double standard that surpassed the Milky Way. The CCP’s Propaganda Department was picking bones from foreign media eggs, biting it at one point, and biting their own ass. They had no choice but to let go in embarrassment.

Yang Qian was turned out to expose her shoes and was immediately labeled as a “kneeling girl”

This oolong is of course very funny, but if we pay attention to it, we will find that there have been more than one similar oolong, and there have been more than one similar hype about making bones in an egg. In fact, since the beginning of the Olympic Games, the CCP has created public opinion on both positive and negative sides. Regardless of its purpose, it is likely that it wants to use this to instigate national sentiments again, and take the opportunity to divert domestic and foreign public opinion from Henan and Zhengzhou’s major floods. Spend.

On the positive side, it is the gold medalists who speculate in the Olympics, especially the first Olympic gold medalist Yang Qian, the most prominent. On the negative side, it is all sorts of faults in the Western media.

Yang Qian was the winner of the first gold medal in the women’s 10m air rifle in the Tokyo Olympics. She won the final shot because of a major error by the Russian opponent.

For the CCP, this gold medal has the effect of prolonged drought and rain, because it is an excellent hype and happy news to overwhelm the funeral material, so that the CCP Politburo member and Vice Premier Sun Chunlan specially issued a report on behalf of the Central Committee. A congratulatory message, praised Yang Qian for winning glory for the country, how calm and skillful–this is the official reading of the Chinese Communist Party, according to the dictionary, it should be pronounced “excellent.”

But no one thought that such a patriotic role model, which the CCP adored, would be dug out by someone who once posted the Nike shoes he bought on Weibo. As a result, the situation suddenly turned into a heated public opinion. Yang Qian was immediately labeled as a “kneeling girl.” Many war wolves shouted that Yang Qian must “leave the gold medal and get out of China.” Some people sternly asked why she used Germany in the final. Instead of using domestically produced air rifles and so on.

This can be said to be another oolong incident, right? Of course, after all, Yang Qian is the object of official protection, so someone soon came forward to explain that the photos of Yang Qian’s shoes were posted last year, and this year’s boycott Nike’s patriotic behavior is not contradictory and so on.

Sickly dying?The Chinese Communist Party is all out to hype xenophobia

Whether Hou Zhihui’s facial expressions or Yang Qian’s shoes exposure, the public opinion turmoil caused by it is not accidental, nor isolated, because we have seen that the party media is also reporting on CNN’s news about Yang Qian’s winning gold. At the same time, it released the news that East Olympics had found more cases of the Chinese Communist Party virus (Wuhan virus, New Coronavirus), thus claiming that CNN is sour grapes, and deliberately used this method of sending two news together to imply that the virus cases of the Winter Olympics are related to The relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and so on.

In addition, Tang Qianjing, a Chinese women’s gymnastics team player, unexpectedly chose the anti-Japanese music “Jiuer” as the background music in the Olympic floor exercise qualification competition. “Jiu’er” is the ending theme of the well-known anti-Japanese film “Red Sorghum”. The film tells the story of a Shandong girl named Jiu’er resisting Japan.

The anti-Japanese music was specially selected as the background music of the competition in the Tokyo Olympic venues that attracted worldwide attention, and then it was reported by the foreign propaganda media. I think it is not difficult for everyone to understand its political manipulation.

We have seen all these actions point to the same focus, which is to fully hype xenophobia. This is exactly the same pace as Zhengzhou’s uproarious public opinion that “foreign media are spreading rumors to smear China.”

From this perspective, whether it is party media and foreign propaganda in the professional field, plainclothes in Zhengzhou in the non-professional field, or the wolf-war masses with high political consciousness, they all have only one purpose, which is to repeat the theme of “the West smears China.” Make a fuss in order to divert the attention of the domestic people, hoping to tide over the difficulties.

Not surprisingly, once this barrier is passed, the CCP will immediately enter the next stage, which is to turn Zhengzhou into another example of the superiority of the CCP’s system in fighting floods, and use it as a capital to promote the CCP model internationally. In other words, the CCP may replicate the Wuhan model in Zhengzhou.

This in itself is not new, and the CCP has been tossing over and over the past few years and basically only this one is left. But this also shows us that the CCP has indeed reached the point where it is exhausted. The CCP now is like a dying patient. No other medicine has any effect. It only relies on the repeated stimulation of nationalism, a tiger-and-wolf medicine, to hang on for life and prolong life. The dosage is getting bigger and bigger, and the usage becomes more and more frequent.

Judging from the continuous occurrence of Oolong incidents, the entire CCP’s propaganda department has even lost sight of one another, messed up the rules and regulations, and has entered a certain state of out-of-control. It cannot be said that it is already a manifestation of drug poisoning. Under such a situation, the CCP still has to receive a visit from the US Deputy Secretary of State Sherman and continue to demonstrate the CCP’s ability to establish and lead a new international order. What will be the result?

Tonight, as a guest, I will participate in the live broadcast of NTDTV’s “Hot Interaction”, and I will focus on discussing the issues of this China-US talks. Friends are welcome to watch and support.

Thank you, everyone, we are here for today, and we will see you next time.

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