Forgetting the hard times before the major win and the golden return, try the grand slam

Stay in Korea until the 15th and prepare for the opening of the Evian Championship on the 21st
Planning an art exhibition in winter… “I thought about retiring, but I want to be with the fans for a long time.”

Jeon In-ji (28), a golf player who won a major championship after not winning a championship for three years and eight months, returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 2nd.

In-ji Jeon won the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, which ended in Bethesda, Maryland, USA last month, and won the championship for the first time in three years and eight months since the KEB Hana Bank Championship on the LPGA Tour in October 2018.

Jeon In-ji, who received a prize of 1.35 million dollars (about 1.75 billion won), won her fourth win on the LPGA Tour.

In particular, out of 4 victories, she showed the appearance of a ‘major queen’ by harvesting 3 victories only in major tournaments such as the 2015 US Women’s Open and the 2016 Evian Championship.

After winning the U.S. Women’s Open in 2015, Jeon In-ji, who returned to Korea after attending an event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the U.S. Women’s Open was held in 2015, said, “It’s the first victory in three years and eight months, and it’s the result of so many people’s patience and support.” I was happy, but when I came to Korea like this and the fans welcomed me, I was moved to tears,” he said.

About 30 members of Jeon In-ji’s fan club came to the arrival hall that day, welcoming Jeon In-ji’s golden return.

The following is a question-and-answer with Jeon In-ji.

— The factor that was able to win the championship in 3 years and 8 months.
▲ I read an article that the winner of the men’s US Open (Matthew Fitzpatrick), who won the men’s U.S. Open before the tournament, was preparing for the tournament while reading the golf journal he had written while sleeping in the same dormitory he was staying at when he won the amateur tournament on the course.

I also made up my mind again and read the golf mental notes I had been writing, one sentence at a time, engraved in my heart more than before.

Those things fit well during the tournament, so Team Dumbo (Jeon In-ji’s nickname) seems to have made such a valuable achievement.

— Are there any memorable phrases in your golf mental notes you read?
▲ Actually, before the competition, the coach (Park Won) said, “The shot doesn’t carry soul.

The reason the shot improved, but the score didn’t lead to a score is because of your attitude,” he said.

That shocked me, so I tried to put a horn on every shot and every putt during the competition.

— On the last day, after winning the championship, I cried.
▲ From the first day, I went on to win by a large margin, so I thought negatively that if I didn’t win on the last day, it would be disgraceful.

Maybe that’s why the last 18 holes felt too long, but after that time, I thought I did it.

— If this win has a different meaning from the previous win.
▲ All the wins are memorable, but this time it was a long-awaited win, and it was the best day I played golf from the first day, so it was a tournament that gave me a lot of confidence.

— The reason why he is strong in the majors.
▲ I get this question a lot, and every player wants to win more major championships, so they tend to focus more.

My team and I all prepared with that mindset, and I think the major tournament course matched well with my high-probability strategy.

— There was a prediction that the chances of winning this tournament were not great because the course was long.
▲ During the competition, I did not feel that the course was long.

Since it is a major course, I thought that the green would be hard, so I prepared 9 woods and 7 woods, but overall the course was set up to fit me well, and it worked out well from the first day, so I gained confidence.

The putt rolls just as well as I’ve seen, so I didn’t think much of the distance.

— What was the most difficult part for 3 years and 8 months without a championship?

▲ What was difficult is now over.

I don’t want to talk more about the past, but I want to focus on what I’m doing now and my goals for the future.

— By winning 3 out of 5 major tournaments, there is a possibility of a career grand slam.
▲ I have a new goal because I can do a career grand slam by adding one win in a major event.

I have a lot of ambition for it, so I want to prepare well.

— Two major tournaments remain this year.

▲ It took a very long time to win the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship this year, but if I win another major this year, I will be so happy that it is difficult to express in words.

Recently, it has been pointed out that Korean players haven’t won a major in a long time, but this victory also gave them more confidence.

At the Evian Championship and AIG Women’s Open, I want to keep this mindset well and show all I can do.

— What are your plans during your stay in Korea?
▲ This plan was made in the past, so I did not expect to win the championship and had a lot of rest schedules.

However, after winning the championship, I became so busy that I had to cancel the schedule to meet with my friends.

Still, it’s a good thing, so I want to digest the schedule with a happy heart.

I will also practice in my spare time to prepare for the Evian Championship, which will start on the 21st.

Also, in winter, I am planning an art exhibition in Korea, and when I have time, I want to have time to recharge while drawing.

— What is the content of the art exhibition?

▲ I usually like to draw on shoes.

I went to see an exhibition last year, and I got to try it, so I am preparing an exhibition in winter.

I’m worried that I’ll be able to do well.

— Lastly, please say hello to the fans who came out.

▲ Again, I can’t cry while talking to the fans, so I’ll try to catch my breath first.

During the period I didn’t win, he hurt my heart more than I did.

I received a lot of strength from the support of the fans.

You gave a lot of support after seeing the article that I was thinking about retiring recently.

I am grateful for your constant support, and I want to become a player who repays fans with grades for a long time and creates good memories together.

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