Former Cicpc detective was murdered and quartered in Mexico

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Like Corina Yarinel Vargas Zambrano, 29 years old, a Venezuelan woman was murdered and cut up in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico.

Vargas Zambrano, a former detective with the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (Cicpc), two years ago had migrated to Mexico, where he lived in the company of his relatives. She was dedicated to driving a taxi in the Uber modality.

According to information published by Relatives of the former police officer denounced her disappearance after not having contact with her since May 26, two days later, on May 28, the Attorney General of the state of Quintana Roo.

It was then when the Alba Protocol was activated, a mechanism that allows joint actions to be carried out with the prosecutors, prosecutors and police agencies to immediately begin the search for missing women and girls and prioritizes their search, assuming that they may be at risk with the objective of guaranteeing and protecting the physical and psychological integrity of the woman who is in danger.

The authorities published in the various media and social networks, posters requesting the collaboration of citizens to find the whereabouts of Corina Vargas Zambrano, the search culminated in the early hours of May 29 when the location of a dismembered body placed is reported. in several garbage cans in a green area on Leona Vicario Avenue.

The young woman’s body was found dismembered and abandoned in the streets of Cancun, where it was placed in several bags. In one was the torso, in another arms and legs and in a third the head.

A friend would have identified her as Corina Vargas, but that was not enough for the Mexican authorities, who, according to what is established by law, must have formal recognition to make the identity of the victim official.

It is worth noting that next to the corpse a message was found on a cardboard, allegedly signed by members of the New Generation Juárez Cartel (CJNG) in which the entity’s Secretary of Public Security was threatened, as well as against senior police officers, by what is presumed to be the connection of drug trafficking. Another version indicates that the written message accused her of being part of the Northeast Cartel (CDN), an enemy of the CJNG.

The message found next to the woman’s remains pointed out verbatim: “This is for you addressed to Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra, you sold the Plaza de Quintana Roo to the Northeast Cartel, atte. CJNG, you betrayed us fucking, this is not going to stay like this CJNG, Rodolfo Manuel Chi Chi you are Carlos Armando Tejeda alias Comandante Lobo undersecretary of Public Security, Manuel Molina Morales director of the municipal police secretary of Public Security Eduardo Santamaría Chávez with argijs code ”( sic).

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