Former Commissioner Luis Rodríguez is appointed country director at CABEI and will no longer compete as a deputy | News from El Salvador

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, reported on Wednesday about some changes made in the government cabinet.

Among these announcements is that the former commissioner of Strategic Projects, Luis Rodríguez, will no longer compete for deputy for New Ideas in the Legislative Assembly, since he was appointed as the new director by El Salvador del Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

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According to the president, New Ideas will replace Rodríguez’s candidacy as a deputy.

The announcement was made this afternoon through his account on the social network Twitter: “I have appointed the former Commissioner of Strategic Projects of the Presidency, as our Country Director at CABEI.”

He also explained that 60% of his salary paid by CABEI will be donated, from the presidency on a monthly basis.

El Salvador had not had a representative before CABEI since 2019, when this entity removed Guillermo Enrique Funes Cartagena, brother of former president Mauricio Funes, from the position as country director after a request made by the Bukele government after taking office on June 1, 2019.

The president ordered the dismissal of the brother of former president Funes at a time when through the social network Twitter he focused on announcing the dismissals of relatives of former officials of the two FMLN administrations, arguing that they held high positions with onerous salaries.

Also, Bukele announced that on December 23 he received the resignation of Salvador Alas, known as “La Choly” from his position as Commissioner of Youth.

According to the president, the position of Alas will not be replaced and will be eliminated.

In addition, he informed that in the coming days, he will announce more changes in the Government Cabinet.

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