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Former F1 champion Jenson Button “F1 must not remove Spa-Francorchamps”[F1-Gate.com]

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Former F1 world champion Jenson Button says he would be “very upset” if Spa-Francorchamps were to be dropped from the F1 calendar in 2023.

The future of the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix is ​​in serious jeopardy, with Spa Franchans’ contract expiring after the next event at the end of August. The circuit is one of the most historic and famous venues on the calendar and a favorite of many fans and drivers.

However, the F1 Las Vegas GP, a new event, will be held for the first time in 2023, and the F1 Qatar GP, which held its first race in 2021, will also return to the calendar.

As a result, the F1 French and F1 Belgian GPs are the two most likely venues to be dropped from the calendar, with several other existing races seriously questioning their spot on the calendar. there is

Jenson Button warns F1 needs to be vigilant as the future of the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps remains uncertain.

“If it wasn’t for Spa, I’d be very upset,” Jenson Button said on the WTF1 podcast.

“Monaco is tricky because there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.”

“But if we take Spa off, it’s a different reason. It’s not because it’s not a good circuit. It’s one of the best places in the world, the racing is great, the drivers love it, the teams love going there. is”

“We have to pay a little attention. We know that Formula 1 is entertainment and that a TV show[Drive to Survive on Netflix]became very famous in the US is great for the sport. there is

“But we have to keep the races exciting and make sure we go to circuits that offer great racing because we can see happy drivers there.”

“If they’re in a good place, you can get a lot more out of them. You don’t think ‘why are we at this track? “

“I like the mix of street circuits and old school tracks, but we shouldn’t be doing it all in the city center just because of the location.”

“The track should be the reason, the country should be the reason, because that’s how you get a fan base. I think it’s also important to be able to watch a fun race on TV with a lot of battles going on.”

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