Former FCC Chairman Steve Vines announced his resignation as the host of Hong Kong and Taiwan TV shows that he should not stay under the National Security Act

Today (30th) is the first anniversary of the implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong. Steve Vines, a veteran media person and former chairman of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Conference (FCC), announced his farewell to Radio Hong Kong and will no longer serve as the host of various English programs in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He pointed out that under the National Security Act, “as a slightly critical person, he would think that he should no longer stay in Hong Kong and Taiwan.”

Steve Vines is hosting the last episode of the current affairs program “Backchat” on RTHK English RadioFarewell to the audienceFirst of all, I would like to thank my colleagues and listeners from RTHK. However, as discussed in the program on the first anniversary of the implementation of the National Security Law, Steve Vines pointed out, “For me, as a slightly critical person, I would think that I should not stay Hong Kong and Taiwan.” He said that although he felt a pity, he still believed that he should leave Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Steve Vines is also the host of the English TV program “The Pulse” (The Pulse) of Hong Kong and Taiwan. The last episode before the summer vacation was aired last Friday (25th), when Steve Vines was still the host.

Steve Vines: Hong Kong and Taiwan are under pressure and fail to play the role of public broadcasting

Steve Vines accepts “Hong Kong and Taiwan”accessShizhi said that he is not sure whether The Pulse will return smoothly after the summer vacation, but he will still speak out in other media as a columnist and commentator. He also said that he has always admired that RTHK has strictly adhered to the role of public broadcasters for many years, that is, serving the public more than its “funding” government.

He expressed that he is now suspicious. He does not feel that the role of the public broadcaster of Hong Kong and Taiwan is as strong as before. He believes that RTHK is now under more pressure and reduced to a government agency rather than a public broadcaster.

Hong Kong and Taiwan suddenly fired several senior show hosts during the month

Steve Vines has lived in Hong Kong for more than 30 years and is the former chairman of the Hong Kong Foreign Press Conference. He has been hosting the third morning music program “Morning Brew” of Radio Hong Kong for the past 10 years. However, since April, RTHK decided not to let him be the host of the show, and Steve Vines changed to be the guest host of “Backchat”. A RTHK spokesperson said at the time that Steve Vines could not be even on the show. (Detailed coverage

Steve Vines has served as a consultant editor for the British “Guardian”, “BBC”, “Daily Mail”, “The Independent” and “Asia Times”. He also wrote current reviews and was awarded a human rights journalism award.

On Monday (28th), veteran media person Au Jialin was also suddenly notified by RTHK that he could no longer host the program “Freewind Freephone”. RTHK said that the staffing arrangement was an internal editorial matter of RTHK and did not make individual comments (Detailed coverage); Last week, RTHK also fired “Crazy Show Happy People” host Zeng Zhihao and Gui Huatian. RTHK said at the time that it was due to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the second station and invited the old host to return.

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