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Sexual violence: now we actdossier

In his autobiography to be published next week in the United Kingdom, the former player with 81 caps for the France team reveals that he was assaulted and raped by a professor at the age of 13. He wishes to free the floor.

Patrice Evra, who retired three years ago, sometimes reappears on social networks. At the wheel of a Hummer, next to a tractor, he screams loudly with a half-clown, half-sardonic laugh: «I love this game.» Football, his life. A cry like a slogan for the one who has passed through all the time zones of the football planet – explosive at AS Monaco, scout of the “mole” in Knysna during the 2010 World Cup, captain of one of the most big clubs in the world, Manchester United, to end with a high kick in the mouth of an OM supporter. This is how, I love this game, that the man with 81 selections with the Blues has decided to title his autobiography, which will be released next week in the United Kingdom (January 6 in French, at Hugo Sport).

In a staging on Instagram, Evra journalist asks Evra interviewed: what is there in this book? “All. I spoke of my childhood. Lots of things that happened that I never talked about, not even to my parents. There are not only beautiful things in my book. ” Because Evra, as he says this Friday at the Times, confides a dark part of his existence. He reveals the sexual assault and rape he suffered by a teacher with whom he slept a few nights when he was a teenager.

To the British newspaper he said: “When I wrote the book I didn’t tell the whole story because I was still ashamed and afraid of what people would think. Now I want to say it because I don’t want the kids to be in my situation and to be ashamed of themselves, to think that they are not brave. I don’t hesitate to say that I felt like a coward for many years because I never spoke up. ”

“I’ve had enough of toxic masculinity”

Speaking is rare, in a football environment, particularly masculine, where we tend to veil our problems rather than expose them, for fear that this will affect his career. Evra recounts this moment, at 24, while playing for Monaco: there are accusations against the professor and the police question him, wanting to know if he too has been abused. He denies. “Living with this is one of my biggest regrets, because I could have helped so many people. I’ve had enough of toxic masculinity. For my father, crying was for the weak. I lost my brother, I lost friends, but I never cried. My mother said to me: “One day you will end up exploding”. “

Evra only told her mother“two weeks ago” only. “I have yet to tell a few of my siblings and a few close friends. I don’t want people to have pity. ” He pursues : “A mother doesn’t expect to hear this from her own child. She sensed that something was wrong and asked me why I didn’t want to sleep in the professor’s house. It was only now that I am 40 years old that I told him. “


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