Former Gand Mido player pays Mo Salah: “We lost the most important player because of his recklessness and irresponsibility”

The two Egyptians will certainly not go on vacation together. Positive for Covid 19 since the 13th Last November, Mohammed Salah was unavailable to play with the Pharaohs. If this mishap happens to many players, the problem is that the Liverpool striker was seen with his mask down at his brother’s wedding.

These images set fire to the powder in Egypt. So much so that Mido, the former player from Ghent, OM or Ajax, allowed himself to tackle the player at the ankles.“Salah came from England for national duty and he attended his brother’s wedding. He risked his health and that of his teammates.”, begins the 37-year-old former goalscorer in his own show on Al-Nahar TV. “He made a mistake. He has the right to celebrate this news with his brother, but not in the age of the coronavirus. These things don’t happen outside of Egypt, the world is laughing at us. lost the most important player of the selection, on whom we depend in crucial matches, because of his recklessness and his irresponsibility. Are we going to accept that? “ he asks himself.

After the leaked images, Mo Salah was not sanctioned by the Egyptian federation. It must be said that he is a real icon for the people since he improved and invested his money in hospitals and local sports facilities. Generous, he also made donations to schools and charities.

For Mido, this is not the behavior of a person that young people are inspired by. “He’s coming to Egypt for the national team, not to attend this wedding” continues the host. “People love Salah as seen at the party. 300 to 400 people took pictures and kissed him on the cheek. Because of these kisses, Salah has a crown on his head. There anyone in the union who can tell him he’s wrong? The fear is just too great. If you let this kind of behavior happen, the whole ship will sink. And the whole population will be taken down! ”

The player has not yet responded to the attacks of his compatriot. In contrast, Maher Shtiyah, the mayor of Nagrig, where the festivities took place, said all precautions had been taken. “Salah only took off his mask when pictures were taken. We kissed him on the shoulder, not on the face.”

Not sure that this statement calms the hot TV host, better known for his escapades off the field than for his strokes of genius.

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