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Team Goh Motorsport has decided to appoint Masashi Yamamoto, who was the managing director of Honda F1 until last season, as the team manager of “TEAM GOH” who will enter the 2022 All Japan Super Formula Championship.

Masashi Yamamoto’s leadership based on international experience, the driving force of swift decision-making, and the “eyes” that have seen many young drivers are indispensable for the upcoming TEAM GOH science fiction project. I can’t help but expect that the team will eventually produce a world champion.

In addition, car No. 53 will be a driver training program by the joint of Red Bull Racing and Honda. Ren Sato, who has been registered with the Red Bull Junior Team from this season, will be appointed as the driver. Atsushi Miyake, the 2018 Suzuka Circuit Racing School Formula (SRS-Formula) scholarship winner, will be appointed as the driver for car No. 55. Both players have the potential for speed, so I’m looking forward to an activity that goes beyond the framework of a rookie.

The first two cars that TEAM GOH will enter this season, cars 53 and 55, will be unveiled at Suzuka Circuit on March 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun) at “Suzuka Circuit 60th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Day”. ..

Kazuhiro Ikeda (Team Representative)
“This is the first time for me to participate in a formula race as TEAM GOH. Since all races are pure races, I can’t win by fluke. The experience we have cultivated in international races so far I would like to put everything into it and make one crystal here. In addition, I will inherit the goodness of car racing that people have built up as a culture and take shape of new technology. I would like to work on these three principles as the team’s philosophy: human resource development and activities that consider the global environment. “

Masashi Yamamoto (Team Director)
“First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Ikeda, the representative, and Mr. Sato, the owner, for welcoming me as a coach. This year, Red Bull Junior Team, Honda’s training driver Sato and SRS-F graduate Miyake, both drivers and teams, And I’m very excited about the All-Rookie Year with me. I want to stick to winning and losing and fight the season so that I can share the excitement with motorsport fans. And for the prosperity of motorsport culture. We will do our best to make more fans happy. “

Ren Sato (Car 53 driver)
“First of all, I am proud to be able to participate in the Super Formula Championship as a driver of the historic TEAM GOH this year. I will participate as a rookie in the 2022 season, but I will cherish each race and grow steadily. I would like to cooperate with the whole team so that I can do it. Also, I will strive to be a driver who can play an active part in the international race which is the vision of TEAM GOH, so please support me. “

Atsushi Miyake (Car 55 driver)
“I am grateful to TEAM GOH for participating in Super Formula. I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity. I myself am in the first year of Super Formula, but I am preparing for driving and physical fitness. I will do my best so that I can run well from the opening race and be involved in the race for the championship. Thank you for your support. ”

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