Former manager of Jenni Rivera breaks the silence about Chiquis and Esteban Loaiza

Without a doubt, the life of Jenni Rivera, the well-known Diva de la Banda, was very difficult and one of the saddest stages of this was when she thought that her eldest daughter, Chiquis, had a relationship with her husband, former baseball player Esteban Loaiza, however, this could never be proven.

Now, in a recent interview of Suelta la Sopa with Gabriel Vázquez, former singer of the singer, everything was revealed about that uncertainty that generated a recording where only shadows were observed inside the Diva’s house and that made her believe that her daughter and her husband were looking at her face.

During the interview, Gabriel said he was 100% sure that Chiquis did not do what has been criticized for years and that he would never have been able to defraud his mother’s confidence or do what she thought.

It did not. I can tell you about Chiquis and I can assure you that he did not do it, but Jenni was very suspicious, I know two people who also watched the video and affirm that absolutely nothing would be seen, “he explained.

On the other hand, she also remembered Jenni’s attitude during her last months of life, because she was very suspicious, she took everything wrong and thought you were against her, which is why everyone preferred simply not to say or say anything.

You couldn’t contradict her because I thought you were against her, “he said.

As is well known, it is no secret that Jenni Rivera had a very strong and hard character, so she did not allow absolutely anyone to make fun of her, she even managed to see live how the singer put some drivers in her place and artists, making it clear that they couldn’t get in with her.

Until now it is not known for sure if Chiquis Rivera had something to do with Estaban Loaiza, an issue that, although it was in the past for many people, there are those who still continue to torment the now singer with his lousy comments of hate.


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