Former Masterchef participant complains about the little money they gave him

José Montoya, one of the participants of the first season of ‘Masterchef‘, showed in an interview with Las 2 Orillas that he was not satisfied with the money he gave him RCN Channel for your participation in the program. The man from Bogotá, who after his time on reality TV set up an artisan pizza restaurant, was eliminated when there were only six cooks left, which means that he was one of the last to leave.

However, Montoya bitterly recalled that despite spending about three months in recordings of the program, at the end of his participation he received just under three million pesos.

The cook said that he was confident in the concept of a lawyer that he signed the contract that they offered him on the channel, since he did not have greater knowledge about everything that was said in the document.

When asked about the money with which he left the reality show, Montoya replied: “No, no shit… We were the first season. They made us a very chimbo contract, but also one does not know anything about anything. There was a lawyer there, I told him: ‘I don’t know anything, you who are a lawyer and know everything, read it and tell us if it is okay to sign it or not.’

Immediately afterwards, the ex-participant of the culinary program presented the situation with concrete figures. “The fact is that they were taking us out and they were giving us (the money). For example, the first one they took out was given 500,000 pesos, and the second one million. That was nothing. I was among the finalists and they touched me like three million pesos, less withholding at the source. In the end they gave me about 2.7 million and I was locked up for three months, three months, without seeing my children, without communication. I left there with one hand in front and one behind“, He concluded.

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This is the video of the part of the interview in which Montoya expressed his dissatisfaction with the financial remuneration he received for participating in the first season of ‘Masterchef’:


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