Former opposition deputy Marco Aurelio Quiñones assured that investing in Venezuela is exposing oneself to illegal expropriations

Marco Aurelio Quiñones assured that investing in his country means exposing oneself “to illegal expropriations, endemic corruption and permanent legal defenselessness”

Former Venezuelan opposition deputy Marco Aurelio Quinones assured this Monday that Investing in your country means exposing yourself “to illegal expropriations, endemic corruption and permanent legal defenselessness”.

This was expressed by Quiñones when commenting on the World Bank (WB) ease of doing business index that locates Venezuela as the worst Latin American country in this ambit.

Nothing new or surprising, investing in Venezuela under the criminal regime of (President Nicolás) Maduro is exposing yourself to illegal expropriations, endemic corruption and permanent legal defenselessness.“Said the former legislator.

In his opinion, in Venezuela today an investor has “all the ingredients to lose capital”, Something for which he held the dictator Nicolás Maduro responsible.

With Maduro, nothing will progress in Venezuela other than the underworld”, He concluded.

Nicolas Maduro
Nicolas Maduro

The WB index, whose last publication is from October 2019, analyzes the regulations that affect 12 areas of the life cycle of a company.

Ten of these areas are included in the score and ranking on the ease of doing business: starting a business, handling building permits, obtaining electricity, registering property and obtaining credit.

It also includes the protection of minority investors, payment of taxes, cross-border trade, compliance with contracts and resolution of insolvency.

It also measures the regulation of the labor market and contracts with the Government, these areas are not included in this year’s score and classification on the ease of doing business, according to the WB index website.

In the list compiled by the index, Venezuela appears in position 188 of the 190 that were analyzed, only above Eritrea and Somalia. Above Venezuela appear Yemen, Libya and South Sudan.

The closest Latin American country to Venezuela is Haiti, ranked 179th.

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