Former Pékerman aide stands out from the alleged Chilean poll: “If they spoke to him, I don’t know” | Football

After the fall before Venezuela by classifications, the image of Reinaldo Rueda in The Red begins to generate doubts, and rumors about a possible exit begin to come true.

During the day, it was learned that the ANFP He does not want the Colombian to remain in command of the national team, and they would already have the first candidate to replace him.

It’s about the Argentine José Néstor Pékerman, who would have already been contacted by those close to the governing body of national football.

However, from Colombia they believe that it is quite difficult for the trans-Andean coach to lead a team again.

This was pointed out by the journalist from Gol Caracol Juan Camilo, who commented that after his departure from the Colombian national team, Pékerman made the decision not to coach again.

“A team like Chile, that is interested in Pékerman, is the most normal thing, because he was the last coach who surprised in the qualifying rounds, classified Colombia twice to a World Cup, achieving the best position in the history of Colombia in a World Cup” he said in conversation with BioBioChile.

“The problem is that you have to see why he has been totally relegated from the world of football, beyond his name continuing to ring. In Ecuador, Peru, Boca Juniors, in Europe … The information you have here is that was worn out after retiring from Colombia, they were many years outside of Argentina. His priority is to be in his country with his family ”, sentenced.

In fact, the reporter added that because of this determination all his assistants had to go out to find work.

“As a result of his decision and determination to, at least, not direct again for a long period of time … because of that decision, all his assistants went out to look for work,” he said.

One of them is the Argentine Patricio Camps, who after leaving the national team entered the Club Independiente Santa Fe as a coach.

In conversation with BioBioChile, the professional avoided referring to the subject and clarified that this is not the time to give an opinion.

“No, the truth is, I prefer not to comment on these kinds of situations. If they spoke with José or not, I don’t know, this is not the time to give an opinion, ”he said.

In addition, when faced with these tumors, Camps pointed out that “I’m not talking about assumptions”, and he added that “try to talk to him at all and he will give his opinion or not, it is not my responsibility.”


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