Former President Bachelet and draft of the new Constitution: “I hope it will be approved, I think it should be approved”

I hope it passes, I think it should pass”.

That was the message of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights y former president of Chile, Michelle Bacheletwho expressed his support for the proposal for a new Constitution.

The draft is in the final review phase and the July 5th should be officially handed over by the head of the Constitutional Convention. Two months later, exactly the 4th of Septembercitizens must go to the polls -compulsory- to ratify, or not, the constitutional proposal in the exit plebiscite.

Is to offer a new social contract”, added the former head of state in this regard in dialogue with the agency Bloombergwhere he also addressed the work of the conventional and the role they have played during the constitutional debate.

I think one of the challenges they have is being able to communicate better with people”, he asserted about it.

The latest Plaza Pública Cadem survey -published on Sunday- revealed that the intention to vote I approve in the constitutional referendum showed a slight rise of 3 percentage points, reaching 38%. This, after six weeks down.

However, the option to validate the text continues with a significant difference below the Rejectionoption that although it registered a fall of 2 points, reaches the 46%.

Despite the results, in the opinion of former President Bachelet “there are many good issues” in the proposal emanating from the Convention.

“I have not read the last document because it is not ready. It has just been resolved”, he expressed, however, he pointed out that“is offering a new social contract based on a nice national legal process”.

“These are very important issues to solve some of the most important difficulties and challenges for our country, in terms of making all regions of the country feel fully represented, that indigenous peoples feel really represented and how standards can be better integrated. international human rights. Rights like health and indigenous issues as well,” he added.

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