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Former President Bill Clinton will be in Ecuador this Friday, what is the reason?

The former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, will be one of the special guests for the officialization of the creation of the new marine reserve in The galapagos. In addition, the counterpart of Guillermo Lasso, Iván Duque, foreign ministers of Costa Rica and Panama will participate, and some will attend foreign ambassadors accredited in the country.

The officialization of this milestone, which aims to preserve the ecosystem of this area, will be carried out on a boat. It will depart from Santa Cruz Island and there an executive decree will be signed to expand 60 thousand square kilometers of marine protected areas.

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The new reservation, which is complemented by the existing 130 thousand kilometers, has multiple objectives including limiting indiscriminate fishing and establishing a marine corridor between the Galapagos and the Costa Rican Coco Island; This sector is known as la migravia.

At the same time, this area will have 30 thousand kilometers of non-fishery production zone. Finally, it was pointed out that It will serve as a living laboratory for the development of scientific research.

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The Ministry of Environment specified that the presidential day will start this Thursday, January 13, President Lasso will take a tour of some of the most recognized scenarios of the islands.

Later, from Playa La Estación, the first president will participate in the event “Let’s meet for the environment”, where he will dialogue with citizens linked to environmental protection to analyze the importance of marine conservation for the country and the world.

After the activities planned for this Friday the 14th (signing of the Executive Decree), on Saturday January 15 at 10:30, at the Charles Darwin Inspiration Complex, the Head of State will receive recognition from Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGO) local, in congratulation to this decision.

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