Former presidential candidate of Belarus Viktor Babariko made his final speech in court

Photo author, Valery Sharifulin/TASS

Ex-contender for the presidency of Belarus, banker and philanthropist Viktor Babariko, speaking in court with his last word, said that he had not committed any crimes.

On July 6, the Supreme Court of Belarus is to pronounce a verdict on Babariko and several other defendants in the so-called “Belgazprombank case”.

“Despite the fact that, probably, recognition … would be more correct from the point of view of material benefits, I cannot confess to crimes that I did not commit. Within the framework of our communication [с коллегами по работе – Би-би-си] there was not a single not only illegal action or compulsion, but even no hint of the possibility of committing illegal actions, “Babariko said.

Babariko, 57, headed the board of directors of Belgazprombank, a subsidiary of the Russian Gazprombank, for 20 years. Under him, the bank donated significant funds for the treatment of sick children and the support of culture.

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