Former Saudi Arabian spy accuses Crown Prince of trying to kill him

RIYADH, – Ex senior intelligence office Saudi Arabia in a lawsuit in the Court of the United States (US) said that the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ( MBS) tried to kill him in 2018, weeks after both a journalist and a critic Jamal Khashoggi killed in Turkey.

Saad Aljabri, the official’s name, said MBS sent a “killing squad” to Aljabri’s exile Canada to kill and mutilate him in the same way as Khashoggi’s murder in October 2018.

“In order to fulfill his wish to kill, defendant bin Salman personally arranged the trial of extrajudicial murder against Dr. Saad, an attempt which is still ongoing today,” Aljabri’s lawsuit said in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington.

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Quoted AFP, Aljabri said Friday that Prince MBS wanted him dead because he was close to the prince’s rival and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Nayef’s former head of security.

In addition, because he also has in-depth knowledge of all the activities of MBS that could damage relations between Washington and Riyadh.

“Dr. Saad is uniquely positioned to threaten the position of defendant bin Salman with the US government. That is why defendant bin Salman wants him dead,” the lawsuit read.

Aljabri was already abroad in June 2017 when Prince MBS seized power at the palace, removing Mohammed bin Nayef as crown prince and placing him under house arrest.

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After his children in Riyadh were hit by travel restrictions, Aljabri rejected requests to return, fearing that he would meet the same fate as Prince Nayef, and chose to move to Canada where one of his sons lives.

Since then, Riyadh has tried unsuccessfully to use Interpol to get him home. And he said they sent a team of agents to the US to track him down.

During the 13 days following Khashoggi’s murder on 2 October 2018, a team or squad of assassins referred to in Aljabri’s lawsuit as the ‘private hired group, the Tiger Forces’ arrived in Canada.

According to his claim, the team included a forensic specialist and was carrying the same equipment that was used to kill Khashoggi. Until now, the journalist’s body has never been found.

He said Canadian security became suspicious and undermined the plot, but efforts to kill Algiers continued, and MBS himself claimed to have obtained a religious fatwa, or order, for his death from clerics.

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In March, her two children in Saudi Arabia were taken away and have not been heard from.

The lawsuit against Prince MBS and 12 people with identities and 11 other people without identities (a total of 23 people) were filed as a claim for attempted extrajudicial killings under the Torture Victims Protection Act.

Aljabri asked the court to sentence defendant MBS for “severe emotional distress,” anxiety and hypertension, and other ailments. As well as punishing the other 23 defendants.

He also asked the court to declare that the defendants violated “state law” under the Alien Tort Statute.

“This court can begin the process of holding defendant bin Salman and his agents accountable for their actions,” the lawsuit said.

When contacted by AFPThe Saudi Embassy in Washington indicated that it has not commented on the lawsuit at this time.

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