Former Secretary of Justice will defend Christian Sobrino

The former representative of Governor Ricardo Rosselló before the Fiscal Control Board, Christian Sobrino, already has legal representation before the appointment of an Independent Special Prosecutor (FEI) for the Telegram chat controversy.

This is the former secretary of the Department of Justice Antonio Sagardía and his son, Carlos Sagardía.

Mr. Carlos Sagardía confirmed the information, warning the FEI about how they handle this case.

“The FEI has to be very careful how they carry this referral, because with the elements that have been submitted, no prosecutor would dare to file a case with these crimes,” said the lawyer in a radio interview (WIAC 740).

In addition, Sagardía cataloged as “ridiculous” that Mr. Sobrino be included the crime of threat in the referral.

“The fact that a panel of foreigners understands that Mr. Sobrino for merely reading a document committed the crime of threat is ridiculous. It is one thing that bothers what was said there and something else is a crime commission,” he added.

Yesterday, the Panel of Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI) reported the appointment of an FEI to investigate possible crimes committed in the Telegram chat of Ricardo Rosselló and his collaborators.

However, the PFEI only made the appointment of prosecutors for Ricardo Rosselló, Ramón Rosario, Christian Sobrino, Alfonso Orona, Elías Sánchez and Edwin Miranda.

Regarding Carlos Bermúdez, Ricardo Llerandi, Rafael Cerame and Luis Rivera Marín, the PFEI criticized the evidence presented by the Department of Justice, so that if any evidence is found in the course, accusations may be filed against them.

However, in the case of Yennifer Álvarez, Anthony Maceira and Rossy Santiago it was filed.


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