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What is the strategy to never let Russia win?

Attacks with long-range rockets have extended to the capital, Kieu (June 26, Photo: Reuters / Afro)

Four months have passed since the Russian-Ukraine War began on February 24th.

The first stage operation of the Russian army aimed at occupying the capital Kyiv failed, and the second stage operation aiming at the complete occupation of the two provinces of eastern Ukraine (Donetsk Oblast and Luhansk Oblast) is currently being carried out, but the purpose of the operation is The situation has not been achieved.

The world is suffering from the effects of this war. In short, the world wants Vladimir Putin to go away.

At combat level, the occupation of Severodonetsk, which the Russian army has emphasized since April, was finally achieved on June 26, occupying almost the entire province of Luhansk except Lysychansk. became.

Russian troops are currently attacking Lysychans’k, and its occupation may not be far away (see Figure 1).

Russian troops are expected to continue operations to control major cities in western Donbus, such as Bakumut, Kramatorsk and Slovyansk. However, the attack will not progress easily.

Figure 1 Changes in the war situation in the eastern Donbus region

Source: Ian Matveev’s tweet (@ian_matveev)

To the Russian side, who advertised that the occupation of Severodonetsk was a big battle result, an expert in the position of pro-Ukraine said, “The occupation of Severodonetsk is a small battle result, and the Russian army made a big sacrifice to obtain the small battle result. Strategically, President Vladimir Putin’s war has failed. “

In any case, it is true that the Russian army is currently continuing its attacks and is fighting differently from the Russian army, which has suffered heavy losses due to repeated attacks from February to March. is.

The Russian army is making major changes in strategy, tactics and tactics based on reflections on past failures. Taking advantage of the strengths of the Russian army, it has adopted a strategy that exploits the weaknesses of the Ukrainian army.

I would like to introduce this point in this article.

Then, taking the opportunity of the Russian occupation of Severodonetsk, I would like to look back on the second operation of the Russian army and look forward to the future.

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