Formerly a Superhero, Now Saras 008 is busy selling buns


For mothers who are millennial generation and born in 1980 to 1990, they are no stranger to superheroes Saras 008 right? Yes, mothers born in the 90s will definitely remember that Saras 008 is one of the favorite shows of its day.

The name itself is certainly very familiar, even though the heroine often changes roles.

One of the actors is Nadia Stefanie. He became the superhero character in the 2000s. In 2021 today, how are you with Nadia now? As we all know, Mother, Nadia has long since disappeared from the world of television.

Now Mother. After being unheard of for a long time, it turns out that Nadia is now concentrating in the world of the beauty product business, you know. This beautiful woman tells of her start as an entrepreneur.

“In 2001, I actually entered the soap opera world. But in the world entertainment Actually, from the age I was 6 years old until 2005. Then I focused on studying for one year, then I continued to focus on the world of business because the world of business was my dream world from a long time ago. I have always planned to become an entrepreneur, “said Nadia on Wednesday (4/14/2021).

What is the next story that Nadia is going through and the full news at this time?




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