“Formsache” – martial artist – sport in the region

Performance guerrilla Florentina Holzinger is neither for FC Bayern nor TSV 1860, but a fan of Tinder. What is she really good at? “I can hammer a lot of nails into my head pretty quickly.”

SZ: Sport is …

Florentina Holzinger: … a relatively conceptual art form.

Your current fitness status?

Goes so.

Rims swing or stop swing?

Both AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible – as often as possible, note d. Red.).

Physical education was for you …?


Your personal record?

Burpees to the hospital.

Stadium or television athlete?


Bavaria or sixty?


Your eternal sports idol?

Ronda Rousey (MMA fighter, wrestler and actress).

A formative experience?

Rousey vs. Cat Needles 2015.

In which discipline would you be an Olympic champion?

I can hammer a lot of nails into my head pretty quickly and pee on insert. If I were training more, boxing.

Which athlete would you like to swap your jersey with? Dennis Rodman (former NBA professional and so-called bird of paradise), in the time when he dated Madonna.

Under the heading “Formsache”, the SZ asks people every week about their affinity for sports. Artists, politicians, business captains – just no athletes. Would be boring.


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