Formula 1 | Hamilton sets a condition for his new contract: less planes, more telecommuting

Lewis Hamilton put on the table, after winning his 7th World Championship title, a subject on which he would like to obtain satisfaction from Mercedes, for his next contract: his particular lifestyle and the need for free time between races.

This question is crucial because the Mercedes driver will, if nothing is done, in two months, be free from any contract. But it is also a delicate subject, because next year, the F1 calendar will be overloaded as never before with 23 races on the menu.

For the BBC, Lewis Hamilton therefore put pressure on Toto Wolff and others. With a first argument in its boot: teleworking is to be preferred rather than meetings at the factory!

“This year we have shown that, for example, you can work from home. So I’m sure the contract will provide that there will be a lot of meetings via Zoom rather than actual presence days, which means I should be flying less. “

And then the Mercedes driver also wants more time to spend with his relatives. He will therefore also want to travel less, or travel with them.

“Time spent with friends and family is the most important. If we start to travel more [je veux] take my family somewhere and make memories with them and celebrate with them just being there, and having them near me. “

More time outside the race, it will also be necessary for Lewis Hamilton to commit to diversity, particularly through his Commission.

“First I want to know what the real problem is so that we can solve it effectively. I work with the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, we have this amazing commission. There are great people, all academics, some working in the field in black communities, others in politics. “

“This research that we are conducting tries to understand why there are fewer young black people applying in STEM disciplines. [science, technologie, ingénierie et mathématiques]. What are the obstacles ? “

But will the Hamilton Commission go so far as to introduce forced quotas?

“You want people to earn their jobs on merit. No one wants to be hit with a wall, we don’t want to force these teams to hire people, minorities, for the sole purpose of filling a position. “

“We want to create an opportunity for people who are genuinely educated and who have earned the right [d’être là]. »

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