Formula 1 tightens the belt

Accustomed to opulence, Formula 1 will miss the cut agreed by the teams to limit spending next season, but there is no other option if they want to maintain the viability of the World Cup after the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

The cancellation of several grand prizes and the uncertainty about the dispute of the rest has generated great losses between the teams and the organizers of the World Cup, which this week will formalize the agreement revealed by the BBC by which spending will be limited for next season.

In total there is talk of a cut of almost 150 million euros, which would somehow equal the development of the cars and allow the survival of many teams. This cut is expected to make this week official.

The change in technical rules, planned for 2021 and postponed for a year, will help make the transition more bearable for the teams. This cut will not affect the pilots’ salary, although their average salary will also be reduced. .

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