Foro paid the Helmets attorney in a cause related to the Gürtel case

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Among the expenses that Álvarez-Cascos passed to Foro Asturias, around 600 euros a week, are the fees of an attorney that the politician hired for an act of conciliation in the Court of First Instance number 52 in Madrid. The former vice president of the Government sued the lawyer Mariano Benítez de Lugo, who was exercising the popular accusation in the Gürtel case, for statements that the lawyer made about Cascos (the politician declared in the case as a witness for the contracts of the Ministry of Development with the plot during his time as minister).

Helmets did not pay out of his pocket the 72.60 euros of the attorney that he sent to the conciliation act, but instead passed the invoice to Foro. The current leadership of the party has delivered it to a court in Asturias along with the other expenses in response to another lawsuit filed by Cascos himself. .


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