Fortnite: GI Joe’s Snake Eyes also comes into play with paid skin and exclusive minifigure

When he does not welcomeemote delusional like the Gangnam Style, Fortnite add some skins from all walks of life for his Chapter 2 – Season 5. Thus, cult characters like Kratos, the Master Chief, Daryl and Michonne, the Predator, the T-800 and Sarah Connor have already succeeded in recent weeks, the majority having been paid. They are joined this weekend by a new hunter from a world famous license: GI Joe.

The lucky one is called Snake Eyes, appeared with the range of figurines ofHasbro G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and above all one of the most popular characters of the elite unit giving his name to the saga. To get this ninja master, it happens once again in store with all Clan Arashikage sold 1,800 V-Bucks, including the holding of Snake Eyes and his katana, serving both as a back prop and pickaxe.

In addition, a figurine of the character as he appears in Fortnite has been unveiled, obviously produced by Hasbro and costing $ 39.99.

Fortnite Snake Eyes GI Joe figurine 01 31 01 2021 Fortnite Snake Eyes GI Joe figurine 02 31 01 2021 Fortnite Snake Eyes GI Joe figurine 03 31 01 2021Fortnite Snake Eyes GI Joe figurine 04 31 01 2021 Fortnite Snake Eyes GI Joe figurine 05 31 01 2021

If you need V-Bucks, they are for sale on Amazon.

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