Fortnite: On PS5 and other platforms: video chat is coming!

The long-running battle royale Fortnite is constantly being developed and is now getting a cool new feature on selected platforms: a video chat!

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Who the Battle Royale Shooter Fortnite continue to gamble and place more value on playing together with friends, at least on some platforms you can now look forward to a cool new feature. Epic Games is now giving the title a video chat, which you can use to see your buddies while gambling.

The video chat integrated directly in the game will initially be supported on the PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms. Buyers of Sony‘s next-gen console can also look forward to the feature. This is made possible by a collaboration with the Houseparty app used for this.

How does it work? You need an iOS or Android device on which you install the app mentioned. Then you have to link this to your Epic Games account and then align this mobile device accordingly so that you can be seen in the picture. The app then places your head in front of a Fortnite-themed background. How the whole thing looks in-game can be seen in the screenshot above.

Of course, the function can also be deactivated via the parent settings. Video chat is also only possible in the same house party room or with your house party friends. Explain more details the FAQ on the game’s official website.

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Of course, no in-game event on the occasion of Halloween should be missing in the long-running battle royale Fortnite from Epic Games.

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