Fortnite | Twitch | Spanish youtuber ‘Grefg’ breaks the record for the largest number of viewers on the internet: more than 2 million people

Ni Ninja not even a professional tournament. The Spanish David Cánovas Martínez “Grefg” has obtained the world record for simultaneous viewers on the platform Twitch with peaks greater than 2.4 million people.

Grefg, who had already become Greatest personal streamer with the most viewers weeks ago, beat the broadcast of the final of the ELEAGUE Boston tournament Counter Strike 2018, which had 1.3 million viewers at its peak.

Multiple personalities sent their congratulations through Twitch.

Why so many viewers?

Grefg, one of the best known representatives of Fortnite in Spanish, announced a year ago that Epic Games, the game’s developer studio, I would create a skin (a new character) for the game.

Almost a year later, and with 3 aspects of content creators like Ninja that came out in parallel, the skin did not arrive, so the game’s Spanish community believed that it was a lie or that it would never come out. But in this broadcast, his design was shown to the world.

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